Oregon State University researchers unearthed a new, hellish species of fly that lived 100 million years ago. The "unicorn fly" dug out of a chunk of amber (like in Jurassic Park) has a giant horn on its head, with three eyes atop its horn. "There's no animal at all with a horn that has eyes on top," says George Poinar Jr., a professor of zoology, in a press release from the school titled, "Ancient 'monster' insect offers Halloween inspirations." Researchers found the fly in the jungles of Myanmar. SARAH MIRK

Oregonians for Immigration Reform's leader Jim Ludwick addressed a forum organized by the Oregon Republican Party on Monday night, October 26, saying health care reform would lead to illegal immigrants getting free health care. After the Pledge of Allegiance and a short film debunking global warming, Ludwick explained that he had "deeper philosophical objections" to the idea of illegal immigrants receiving health care than just the economic impact. "To them, we're all citizens of the world," said Ludwick, saying the plan would "debase and devalue" American citizenship. SM.