A building that was once a symbol of Portland's optimistic condo boom is now heading for the auction block. The John Ross condo tower in South Waterfront snagged headlines when it sold 80 percent of its units in six days in 2005, reported the Oregonian over the weekend, but five years later the luxury units are only 74 percent sold, even after desperate price cuts last year. The neighborhood at the base of the tram was supposed to be a high-density model district for Portland, but still has zero units of affordable housing ["Broken Homes," News, March 4]. SARAH MIRK


City Commissioner Dan Saltzman is bidding on behalf of Portland against other cities in the country to have Google build an ultra-high-speed fiber-optic open-access broadband network here. "Portland has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the country," says Saltzman's chief of staff, Brendan Finn, who is leading the bid—suggesting that we're well placed to reap the competitive economic advantage that such a network could bring. "It can bring jobs, enhance the creativity of our citizenry, and potentially bring down the cost of telecommunications services for our citizens and businesses," he says. MATT DAVIS