Southeast Portland vegan-anarchist coffee shop the Red and Black Café found itself in a PR shitstorm after kicking out a uniformed Portland Police Bureau officer. Officer James Crooker got some coffee in the café last month and was on his way out when local faith writer and cafégoer Cornelia Seig-neur stopped the officer to thank him for his work in a time of difficult police-public relations. As the pair chatted, one of the cooperative's co-owners, John Langley, approached the officer and asked him to leave. Langley says the café is a "safe space" from the police. Officer Crooker left, but the story was just beginning: Seigneur blogged about the incident and the Oregonian, Gawker, and CNN picked up her account. The Red and Black went so far as to hold a press conference on Monday, June 7, to respond to a flurry of comments that kicking out a cop was comparable to civil rights-era racial discrimination. ANGELA WEBBER


Grand jury testimony in the May 12 police shooting of Keaton Otis reveals that Otis was struggling with serious mental illness for some time before a routine traffic stop led to a fatal altercation with police. His mother told the grand jury that Otis had been convinced people were spying on him and spent most of his time in his room with the light off, speaking and eating little. Two days before the shooting, Otis' mother talked with a nurse about having him committed to a hospital. With one exception, the numerous witnesses' accounts about the shooting support the police version of events. Meanwhile, wounded Officer Chris Burley attended a press conference last week where he announced he had made a near-full recovery after Otis shot him in both legs. Burley told press that he had no anger at Otis and, instead, wished his family well. SARAH MIRK