Portland Business Alliance (PBA) representative Mike Kuykendall made headlines for years as a prominent defender of the city's sit-lie ordinance, but now he has a new job: director of services for the Portland Police Bureau. Police oversight and homeless advocates criticized the choice. "I can't believe [Police Chief] Mike Reese went ahead and did that. It really reinforces the good-old-boy network," says Dan Handelman of Portland Copwatch. Meanwhile, the PBA is advertising for a replacement via Craigslist. The spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau is about to change, too. Current public information officer Detective Mary Wheat is headed to the Cold Case Division and higher-ups are replacing her with two people. It's a lot of work keeping up an active police Twitter (and constant Al Gore sex-attack media calls) after all. SARAH MIRK


Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) launched a new TV ad campaign this week to ease the way for a likely statewide vote on same-sex marriages in 2012. The new "Marriage Matters" TV ads will run for three weeks, and while they feature both hetero and homosexual couples, the ads are distinctly aimed at outside-the-Portland-bubble swing voters (the term "gay" is completely absent from the ads, for example). While other states have passed legalized marriage via the courts (or mayor's office in DC), Oregon must overcome Measure 36's state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. That means BRO needs to rally enough votes statewide for a constitutional amendment. Currently Oregon is split neatly 50-50 on the issue. CAMILLE PANDIAN