The lawyer for the family of James Chasse Jr. released a slew of documents relating to Chasse's 2006 death in the custody of Portland police, following the city's $1.6 million settlement payout in the case. Among the documents is a police training division report from 2007 that finds Officer Christopher Humphreys at fault for deciding to pursue Chasse and knocking him to the ground. A response from then-North Precinct Commander Donna Henderson defends Humphreys, saying he had a reasonable pretext to stop Chasse because he might have been urinating, and therefore may have been violating indecent exposure laws. None of the eyewitness testimony released describes Chasse exposing himself—however, they do note his screams and moans as police officers landed on top of him, while kicking and punching him. STEFAN KAMPH


A group of anarchists are proposing the ultimate response to the dust-up created last week when Multnomah County health inspectors shut down the lemonade stand of a little girl from Oregon City: stage a lemonade revolt. The not-joking-at-all Facebook group Lemonade Revolt! boasts more than 700 members and proposes a donation-based "lemonade bloc" at NE Alberta's upcoming Last Thursday event. "The state will come, but we will NOT leave. We will fill the streets with dance and revelry," states the group. SARAH MIRK