Jack Pollock

Nearly two weeks after questions were first raised about contributions to city council member Jim Francesconi's mayoral campaign, there are still no answers. As first reported by the Mercury, two separate complaints have been filed; one that carries civil penalties against Francesconi's campaign, and a second that threatens C-class felony charges.

The first complaint alleges that Francesconi's campaign failed to report an in-kind donation of office space from Ball Janik, a downtown firm that lobbies on behalf of the city and receives tens of thousands in contracts each year. In response to that complaint, Francesconi's campaign amended their contribution and expenditure reports to show a $158 in-kind donation from Ball Janik, which covered eight months' use of their downtown offices. (For anyone seeking rock-bottom prices on a skyscraper office space, contact Ball Janik at 228-2525.)

The second complaint revolves around a donation from Tom Moyer, a major downtown developer, and his executive assistant, Sonja Tune. On May 16, 2003, Moyer donated $500 to Francesconi; Tune, who comes from modest means, gave $2,000. It is illegal to funnel money to a campaign through someone else. Tune has refused to comment.

Fred Knell, of the state's election division, was not able to provide details about the investigation, but did say they have "opened a file," which means that the case has enough merit to warrant further investigation. "We're working on it," he stated plainly. PB


Two years ago, Tre Arrow disappeared. Then last month, he was found in Canada after attempting to steal a pair of bolt cutters. Now, it remains up in the air whether he will be extradited back to Oregon to face felony charges and up to 80 years in prison.

Tre is wanted for two separate arsons; one intended to sabotage a logging operation at Eagle Creek, another to derail Ross Island Sand & Gravel. Three PSU students implicated in the fires have stool-pigeoned Tre as their ringleader.

On Monday, a Canadian judge found that Tre is not a danger to society and he avoided being kicked out of the country. According to Tre's lawyer, it's likely that the FBI will now request an extradition hearing. PB