Portland officials have agreed to shell out $44,043 to a driver injured in a crash with police in 2008, finally settling a personal injury lawsuit filed last year. The officer who caused the crash? It turns out he no longer works for the Portland Police Bureau (for now). Ron Frashour was dismissed in November for shooting an unarmed Aaron Campbell in the back last January. In the 2008 crash, Frashour was helping another officer chase a reckless driver when he aimed for the wrong car, according to a police discipline letter. The latest settlement isn't the only sum Frashour has cost Portland. In 2009, the city paid $209,188 to settle claims Frashour used his Taser excessively. And, meanwhile, Campbell's family—represented by the same lawyer who won $1.6 million in the death of James Chasse Jr.—has filed its own lawsuit against the city. DENIS C. THERIAULT

The city's food cart revolution continues to reach new milestones. Although this latest one... well, it's not really the good kind. In what's believed to be the first case of its kind since our current food cart boom began, an entire cart was reported stolen last weekend. The victim was the Azul Tequila cart, and it was hauled off either Sunday, January 16, or early Monday, January 17, from a secured lot at a pod near SE 50th and Division. Police said the theft of the $30,000 cart was reported Monday afternoon. But by Tuesday morning, just when news of the brazen theft was ricocheting around the blogosphere, the cart turned up. It was on NW 23rd, reportedly found with thousands of dollars in damages. DCT

Here's a nice bit of fallout from the case of Seth Stambaugh, the Beaverton student teacher who fought back after he was kicked out of the district for telling a fourth grader he was gay ["Beaverton Gets Schooled," News, Oct 28, 2010]. The Beaverton School District this month formally added LGBT-inclusive language to district policies that deal with equal rights for all employees and students. The policy was crafted, in part, with help from Basic Rights Oregon, complete with words like "gender identity" and "gender expression." Of course, having a robust policy and actually enforcing it are two different things... SARAH MIRK