Portland's Zoobombers allege they were stopped "extremely dangerously" by a Washington County Sheriff's Deputy on Highway 26 on Sunday night, May 27.

"He was driving along in front of us for some time, with his lights flashing, and we thought he was giving us a police escort," says Bomber Jimmy Lesebvre. "And then he just slammed on his brakes really suddenly."

The abrupt stop caused all the Zoobombers to take a spill, swerving frantically on the highway to avoid running into the back of Deputy Adam Rorick's car.

"He saw a serious hazard on the highway, and we encourage our deputies to enforce the law," says Sergeant Dave Thompson of the Washington County Sheriff's Office. "He thought they would be able to stop behind him, but did not know that many Zoobombers don't have brakes." MATT DAVIS


On May 30, the state senate killed HB 2170, a bill that would have allowed the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to grant a temporary 180-day letter to new applicants, which would let them serve alcohol while the agency processed their liquor license application. (It's a service the OLCC already offers other kinds of applications.)

But thanks to neighborhood opposition, Senator Rick Metsger (D-Mount Hood) pulled the plug on the bar-friendly bill in his Business, Transportation, and Workforce Committee. The silver lining? An onerous amendment from Portland Senators Tina Kotek and Avel Gordley that would have "required the OLCC to suspend, cancel or disapprove a liquor license if the city, county, or law enforcement requested the action" also died. AMY J. RUIZ