Advocates for reforming Oregon's bizarre tax "kicker" law rallied outside the state capitol on Monday, February 21, to support new legislation that would divert some of that "kicker" money into special reserve accounts. Currently, when tax revenues from residents and corporations overshoot state officials' best guess, the extra money is sent back as a refund. Under the new proposal, backed by Portland Senator Ginny Burdick, businesses would get no refunds at all and individuals would see smaller refunds while the state builds its "rainy day fund." DENIS C. THERIAULT


Taking a stand against noxiousness in the workplace, Portland City Council on Wednesday, February 23, was expected to formally approve a new dress code policy that essentially bans city workers from showing up at the office reeking of colognes, perfumes, and other personal grooming products. Officials say they're trying to be sensitive to workers with chemical allergies. Unsurprisingly, in polling before the policy was approved, a vast majority of city employees gave the no-stink policy a thumbs up. DCT