Looks like someone's screwing with the folks who'd like to repeal Oregon's recently passed gay rights legislation (one law sets up domestic partnerships, while the other outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation). The group trying to put the measures to a vote has more info at But the opposition—Basic Rights Education Fund (BREF), the 501(c)(3) section of Basic Rights Oregon—outsmarted the anti-gay campaign, and parked testimony from "50 outspoken Oregonians" who speak out against discrimination at...

Not surprisingly, Restore America's David Crowe—one of those working on the repeal effort—alerted his supporters to the nearly identical URL on July 27, claiming that BREF is "hoping to siphon off a few of our viewers. I say this not to send you there but to show you their tactics know no ethical boundaries." AMY J. RUIZ


The Portland Business Alliance (PBA) will continue to pay the salaries of three Portland Police officers—extending an existing 10-year contract until 2012—if it gets its way at city hall on Wednesday, August 1. Homeless activist newspaper Street Roots, which is uncomfortable with the idea of business interests paying the salaries of public safety officers, says the PBA paid $210,000 last year for those officers.

Maria Rubio—public safety policy manager in the mayor's office, says she does not think there is a conflict of interest in the PBA paying for three cops (the group also stumped up $150,000 to fund services associated with the controversial sit-lie ordinance). "I think it's a good partnership with private industry, having them pay for police," Rubio says, adding that the police bureau likes having the extra officers. MATT DAVIS