Police are investigating a bias crime against two gay men who report that they were harassed and assaulted on Sunday, May 22, near the Hawthorne Bridge. The couple, 23-year-old Brad Forkner and 25-year-old Christopher Rosevear, told police they were holding hands and walking along Waterfront Park when they noticed a group of white, twentysomething men behind them. As the pair walked over the bridge and onto the Eastbank Esplanade, one of the guys punched Forkner, who broke away and called 911. The suspects began hitting Rosevear, but ran away when Forkner shouted that he was on the phone with police. Last year, Portlanders reported over 50 bias crimes, with 21 due to sexual orientation. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Detective Kevin Warren at 503-823-3761. SARAH MIRK

Portland got its first declared 2012 mayoral candidate when former City Commissioner Charlie Hales announced his long-rumored candidacy on Monday, May 23. Whom he might face remains unclear. Mayor Sam Adams is expected to run again, but hasn't declared. New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady also appears close to jumping in. County Chairman Jeff Cogen and former US Senate candidate Steve Novick also have confirmed serious interest in running. Hales would be an interesting challenger for Adams. Their policy priorities largely line up, but Hales, who left the council nine years ago after serving nearly 2.5 terms, brings a richer business background. He's spent his time outside politics promoting streetcars and urban redevelopment for international engineering and design firm HDR Inc. DENIS C. THERIAULT

Portland city commissioners on Wednesday, May 25, were expected to give themselves modest pay increases—1.2 percent, a number tied to the Portland Consumer Price Index. But in what's become a custom, at least three commissioners—Nick Fish, Amanda Fritz, and Mayor Sam Adams—will forgo the bump. Randy Leonard's chief of staff, Ty Kovatch, says his boss will keep up a custom of his own, taking the raise but making charitable contributions, instead of just sending the cash back to city coffers. Dan Saltzman's office didn't comment, but he's taken the raise in past years. (He's also known as a charitable guy.) How much are we talking? Not that much. Just $1,227 a year for commissioners; $1,457 for the mayor. DCT