TriMet has yanked its ill-conceived audible pedestrian warning system from its buses after a three-month test. The system, brought on as part of a safety overhaul sparked by the deaths of two young women due to a TriMet bus last year, shouted "Pedestrians, bus is turning" whenever one of 10 buses on two bus lines—#14 or #15—made a turn. TriMet said the warning system did not activate at the proper time. In an informal poll on Blogtown, more than 40 percent of readers supported replacing the system with a giant boxing glove on a stick that punches pedestrians out of the way. SARAH MIRK

Police have arrested the suspect in an anti-Arab assault in the bathroom of Dirty nightclub last December. Just weeks after the Pioneer Courthouse Square bombing hysteria, 21-year-old Mufeed Yacoub and 23-year-old Sherif Youssef were at Dirty celebrating the end of the school term. They say 28-year-old Rickey Watson followed them into the bathroom and then said, "You Arab, I know your kind," before punching Yacoub, leaving him unconscious ["You Arab, I Know Your Kind," News, Jan 13]. Police had been searching for Watson until now. He is being charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault and two counts of intimidation. SM

With just a brief—but spectacular—burst of acrimony over water rates, Portland City Council gave its blessing to Mayor Sam Adams' proposed city budget last Wednesday, May 25, and made only a few changes to a plan that spreads around millions in surplus cash and also creates a healthy rainy-day fund. The council will reduce Adams' previously planned $10 million contingency by close to $1 million. About $500,000 will help Commissioner Nick Fish's housing bureau pay for rent aid programs, and Dan Saltzman's bureau of development services will receive $373,000 to hire three rental housing inspectors (and also buy each of those inspectors new vehicles at, um, $28,000 apiece). DENIS C. THERIAULT