Strapped-for-cash Oregon should consid-er making gay marriage constitutional: An analysis from the New York City Economic Development Corporation estimates that its state's legalization of gay marriage will bring in $423 million in economic activity to the city if even half the city's same-sex couples who are living together decide to tie the knot. Applying the same formula to Portland, where 6,054 same-sex couples live together, allowing gay marriage would make the city $72 million (assuming the national average wedding cost of a whopping $24,000). That's a helluva lot of florists. SARAH MIRK

The war on plastic bags is back! Last summer, business and environmental advocates joined forces and got Portland City Council to approve a resolution to ban plastic bags from large grocery stores... with the caveat that they would wait to see whether a statewide bag ban passed the legislature ["Plastic Problems," News, July 22, 2010]. Well, the statewide ban failed thanks to heavy opposition from the plastics industry (South Carolina-based company Hilex Poly dumped $52,000 into lobbying against the law) and now Portland's bag ban is back on the table. City council will take up the debate again Thursday, July 21, at 3:45 pm, weighing an ordinance that would require large grocers to offer only paper, recycled plastic, or reusable checkout bags. SM

Mayor Sam Adams' challenger Eileen Brady scored a win in her nascent mayoral campaign: an endorsement from EMILY's List, a national women's political action committee. That national shoutout could bring a fundraising boost to her campaign—though she's already banked $90,000. Meanwhile, amiable County Chair Jeff Cogen told the Oregonian that he's decided he will definitely not run for mayor in 2012. DENIS C. THERIAULT/SM

Two of Portland's most outspoken advocates on opposite political lines got into a strange public Twitter fight this week. Progressive Reverend Chuck Currie noted that conservative radio host Victoria Taft was following him on the Twitters and posted, "Maybe Holy Spirit can soften her heart and turn her away from the hate she preaches on radio." Taft replied on her blog, "Keep preaching 'tolerance,' Chuck! Oh, and, if you're keeping book: political speech is now 'hate' speech." Not to be outdone, Currie wrote back: "Haters are people like you, Victoria, who use the airways to make money by beating up on gays and lesbians." Ya burnt. DCT/SM