The Portland Police Bureau placed a third allegedly pervy cop on paid administrative leave in September, the bureau announced last week. As first reported last Friday, November 2, in the Portland Tribune, Officer Jason Faulk, a 10-year veteran of the police bureau, allegedly took sexual advantage of an autistic woman who had called the police for help. Chief Rosie Sizer says she cannot comment until the case is adjudicated. Meanwhile, the woman plans to sue. A week earlier, on October 26, Officer Matthew Kohnke resigned after pleading guilty to official misconduct, following allegations of sexually preying on transient women. Officer John Wood resigned last November after asking to look at women's underwear during traffic stops. MATT DAVIS


On the morning of Tuesday, November 6, yet another cyclist was hit at the intersection of southbound N Interstate and Greeley—in a crash eerily similar to the one that killed Brett Jarolimek two weeks ago.

Luckily, the cyclist in this week's crash, identified by the Oregonian as Siobhan Doyle, escaped with "only" bad injuries.

The Portland Office of Transportation responded by simply closing off the right turn at the intersection—the quickest, most complete way to prevent "right hooks."

"This is the first time in my tenure as the commissioner in charge of transportation that I've closed an intersection due to safety concerns," Adams said.

The move is only a temporary solution, meant to keep cyclists safe while engineers study other, permanent solutions. Significantly, keeping the right turn closed is one of the possible permanent solutions.

For now, drivers traveling southbound on Interstate who wish to head west on Greeley will have to continue on to Russell, make a right, and then a little turn around, and then a left turn back onto Interstate. Then, they can make a left on Greeley. SCOTT MOORE