This Friday and Saturday, Portland's cyclists plan to rally—twice—for safer streets, in the wake of two bike fatalities and one serious cyclist injury following traffic collisions in the past several weeks.

Friday, November 16, a noon procession starting at the Justice Center (1120 SW 3rd) will culminate in a press conference at city hall (1221 SW 4th). Saturday, November 17, cyclists will meet at Waterfront Park's Salmon Street Springs at noon "to voice our concerns and demonstrate our commitment to justice, equality, and respect for all on the road," according to rally information on "Spurred on by the recent string of traffic collisions resulting in cyclists' deaths and injuries, we are making an appeal to all levels of our government and law enforcement, to the media, and to all citizens who share the roads, to come together and work for a positive change in our communities and in the streets." AMY J. RUIZ


The second quarterly complaints report from downtown rent-a-cop firm Portland Patrol, Inc. (PPI)—whose non-union officers contract with the Portland Business Alliance (PBA) to carry out "order-maintenance" in Old Town—was sent to city council last week, covering July through to September. The report lists two official complaints, one from a woman who said PPI Officer Philip Goodfellow told her a group of free trade protestors "should be shot," and feigned crying after telling him she might complain ["Boo Hoo!" News, Aug 23]. The other was from a business owner who mistook one of the rent-a-cops for a real police officer, and "expect[ed] a level of response higher than that provided by the PPI officer," according to the report.

"While we appreciate the PBA putting together a quarterly report," says Street Roots Director Israel Bayer. "We hope to be able to implement a more transparent process that works for the community at large." MATT DAVIS