A long-awaited arbitration hearing on whether the Portland Police Bureau should rehire Ron Frashour—the officer fired for shooting an unarmed Aaron Campbell last year—began Wednesday, September 14, in a private location with no members of the public allowed inside. The Portland Police Association has argued the shooting was justified because Campbell flinched (after Officer Ryan Lewton shot him with beanbag ammo) and could have been reaching for a weapon. City officials declined to identify the arbitrator weighing the issue, which is also the subject of a federal civil rights suit, or explain why the hearing is closed. DENIS C. THERIAULT

Portland police on Thursday, September 15, made the biggest drug seizure in city history, swooping into three homes to seize 28 pounds of heroin and two pounds of cocaine (worth up to $2 million!), $156,000 in cash, six handguns, one rifle, and (inexplicably noted in a news release) one horse trailer and six saddles. SARAH MIRK

The $3.6 billion Columbia River Crossing bridge project released its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) online, meaning the days of the big bridge's years-long planning process are numbered. Critics point out that the impact statement is based on outdated traffic estimates and believe it undersells the environmental impact of the I-5 freeway expansion. The Metro council gave the project its final stamp of approval this month. More on the FEIS in next week's Mercury. SM