Ryno Motors

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) must have a thing for RoboCop. Need proof? Meet the micro-cycle: a one-wheeled electric unicycle of the future. PPB has signed a lease with local business Ryno Motors to test out two of their spiffy rides next year for a mere $1 each (the current prototype retails for $4,200) starting next summer. The electric micro-cycle, inspired by a "child's videogame" (they don't say which one, unfortunately), can reach top speeds of 20 MPH and boasts a range of 30 miles. Ryno CEO Christopher Hoffmann says the cops' lease "validates the bike as being rugged and reliable and seen as having a useful purpose." While PPB must wait a year to take it to the streets, the micro-cycle will make its debut on Portland-based shows Portlandia and Leverage. Keep your eyes peeled. ALEX ZIELINSKI

Two plans for the future of West Hayden Island are finally on the table. While the east side of Portland's northern island neighborhood is known as the home of Hooters, the west side (surprise!) is 800 acres of grass and wetlands home to migrating birds. The Port of Portland has been eyeing the land for expansion, while environmentalists want to keep as much of it as wild as possible ["Paving Paradise," News, Aug 5, 2010]. The new plans lay out options for meshing 300 acres of Port expansion with 500 acres of open space. Comment at portlandonline.com/bps. SARAH MIRK

When the city paves roads poorly, it costs—literally. The city agreed to pay a $20,000 settlement last month to a cyclist who broke his elbow after crashing on a sewer-valve cover that had sunk way below street level on SE 78th and Henderson. "We don't have a systematic street inspection program to look for potholes," says City Attorney David Landrum. Instead, the city relies on citizens calling in street problems. SM