DEAR MERCURY—I always read your film reviews, and the usual cast of contributors tends to do a really great job. But holy shit! Vince Mancini's review of The Iron Lady was so fucking funny ["Meryl Streep Doing an Accent," Film, Jan 12]! It was so desperate and manic that I could really feel his frustration, and by the last line of "Fuck this movie," I could picture him giving up and just trying to put his eye back in its socket and getting a drink before he had an aneurism.



DEAR MERCURY—That guy had a good point about blue-collar culture being pushed elsewhere by the gentrification process of affluent white creatives ["Wherefore Art Thou, Portland?" I, Anonymous, Jan 12]. The division is like in the movie Breaking Away, where the local townies are called "cutters" by the more affluent college kids.

-Mundo Rozic


It is incredibly disturbing that one of the few remaining institutions of the LGBTQ community in Portland [The Q Center] is willing to empathize with people who wish to see them eliminated ["Love Thy Neighbor," News, Jan 19]. LGBTQ organizations DO NOT exist for the purpose of making bigots like us, or for creating the illusion that all queer people are "just like them!"

-posted by Kollontai

Sounds to me like this is a positive development ["Love Thy Neighbor," News, Jan 19]. Many of the posters here seem to be playing right into the hands of the anti-gay-rights movement—what could [better] convince right-wing Christians that they are, in fact, being persecuted by Satan than a bunch of LGBT activists wanting to stomp on the First Amendment and drive them out of town? I applaud Logan Lynn's courage and guts and wish the Q Center well.

-posted by Smarterthanmostactivists


HEYA—I highly enjoyed this week's drinking/easy slut date issue ["Drinking: A Portland Romance," Feature, Jan 19]. However, there is one issue: The piece regarding the dreadful Dixie Tavern. First of all, the Dixie sucks. Secondly, and this is very important: TOOL is NOWHERE NEAR OVER!! Perhaps hearing Tool in the Chixie Tavern clouded your view, as their music has no place there. Soo, next time you feel you need to pan Tool, mosey down the street to Tube, and give them another listen. The atmosphere may change your view. 

-Jennifer Robinson


Thanks to first dates at Ground Kontrol, you can say goodbye to 20-plus games and heeello to the lame sit-down girl zone ["Drinking: A Portland Romance," Feature, Jan 19]. They took out a bunch of games to make Buck Rogers-looking bar tops for people who don't like games!!! Fuck you very much. Bring back Spy Hunter...

-posted by spyhunterforevah

WELL, SPYHUNTERFOREVAH, we have it on good authority that more than a few male asses have graced the chairs in the so-called "girl zone" of Ground Kontrol, but we nonetheless sympathize with the gravity of your loss. We may not be able to restore Spy Hunter to your life, but we can offer you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where you'll surely be guarded from the dating public at large.


In our review of Amber Whitehall's performance Near to the Wild Heart ["Communication Breakdown," Theater, Jan 19], we mistakenly attributed its production to the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble. It was actually produced by Whitehall and Jacob Coleman. In the same review, we stated that Fever Theater and Hand2Mouth had collaborated on City of Gold. It was in fact the sole production of Hand2Mouth.