Children of undocumented immigrants got some good news from the White House on Friday, June 15: President Barack Obama signed an executive order, effective immediately, that makes many "paperless children" who grew up in the US safe from deportation and eligible for work. Jaime Guzman, an outspoken undocumented immigrant Portlander, was glad to see the president listening to protests by the National Immigrant Youth Alliance that have targeted Obama's campaign offices in recent weeks. But Guzman's waiting to see whether local immigration offices actually end deportations against young people. "The first thing that came to mind is will it actually be enforced locally?" says Guzman. "We're waiting." SARAH MIRK


So, you know how the Mercury usually winds up carping about the Portland Police Bureau for various reasons? This isn't going to be one of those times. On Friday, June 15, the bureau released its very own "It Gets Better" video—daring you not to cry by finally joining what's become a nationwide movement against LGBT bullying. Taking a cue from the San Francisco Police Department, which put out a video this winter, about a dozen or so uniformed officers speak frankly on camera about the harassment, exclusion, and pain they've faced on the road to eventually becoming proud of their sexuality. A three-year study released in 2011 found 22 percent of Oregon's LGBT teens had attempted suicide in the last year. DENIS C. THERIAULT