A anti-foreclosure protest on Sunday, August 5, wound up with police arresting one protester on charges of burglary and trespass. Members of Occupy-spinoff group Portland Liberation Organizing Council (PLOC) spent Sunday attempting to "liberate" an empty duplex in Northeast Portland and turn it into a community center. The duplex was recently built on a lot formerly owned by Alicia Jackson, who lost the property and her home to the bank in August last year. On May Day this year, PLOC and Occupy helped Jackson move back into her foreclosed house, and on Sunday held a block party to celebrate her three-month occupation. During the party, 24-year-old Derek Zika and others entered the new duplex. Responding to reports of a "burglary" by the duplex's owner, at 11:30 pm, Portland police entered the building and found a lone squatter, Zika, who they then hauled off. NATHAN GILLES

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How much do Portlanders love the library? Enough to pony up the price of two hardcovers for a new property tax district? The Multnomah County board voted unanimously last week to send the plan for a library district to the ballot this fall. The idea calls for a new tax that works out to an average $50 annual increase for homeowners and would allow the library to keep all of its branches open seven days a week. The Multnomah County Library system is the second-busiest library system in the country, serving 35,000 people a day—but due to slim budgets, it moved earlier this year to close all branches on Mondays. SARAH MIRK