ON TUESDAY, APRIL 29, the League of American Bicyclists finally granted one of Portland cyclists' longtime wishes, crowning Portland as the bike-friendliest big city in the US.

Portland is now a "Platinum"-rated Bicycle Friendly Community—an upgrade from the gold rating earned in 2003—thanks to things like our 270 miles of bike lanes, our third consecutive year of double-digit cycling growth, 40 bike shops, and "more than 150 bicycle-related businesses" that have a $65 million economic impact, according to 2005 figures.

"We are honored that the League has recognized Portland's work to become a better, safer place for people to bicycle," says Commissioner Sam Adams, who heads up transportation. AJR


The district attorney has decided not to prosecute a citizen journalist nicknamed "Joe Anybody" who had his camera confiscated by cops for videotaping an arrest downtown ["Big Brother's Little Brother," News, April 3]. Nevertheless, the citizen journalist, whose real name is Mike Tabor, plans to pursue a civil suit for nominal damages against the police bureau, asking for an official change of police bureau policy so officers know not to arrest people videotaping their activities. Mayor Tom Potter already told cops not to arrest people videotaping them in 1991, when he was police chief, in response to a query from the National Lawyers Guild. MD


The county's mental health provider, Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, is in financial crisis, asking for money from the county and the Oregon Department of Human Services to bail it out. Cascadia's chief executive officer, Leslie Ford, resigned last Wednesday, April 23, and was replaced by psychologist Derald Walker, who is now working with Cascadia's bank to refinance a $2 million loan.

Cascadia is still reeling from a Medicaid audit that found $2.7 million in overbilling last December. Ford had reportedly approached Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler with a $4 million bailout request the week before her resignation, but Wheeler turned her down. Wheeler has requested an audit instead. MD