CD Releases (Tuesday, Feb 11)

• Numbers Death (Tigerbeat6)--The trio's minimalist dance-punk masterpiece, Numbers Life, as remixed by crunky maximalists Kid606, Gold Chains, and Zeigenbock Kopf.

• Born Against Patriotic Battle Hymns (Kill Rock Stars)--An appropriately timed reissue of the amazing early '90s hardcore band, and their ensuing political agenda.

• Mr. Lif Return of the B-Boy (Def Jux)--Boston rapper Mr. Lif sets it straight on his newest release, from quality hiphop label Definitive Jux.

• Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Hearts of Oak (Lookout!)--"America's Sweetheart" drops another dollop of literate pop punk beauty and charm. Highly recommended.

• Wilco Kamera EP (Nonesuch)--Features their long-awaited hit song, "Bob Dylan's 49th Beard." Like, FINALLY!

Book Releases (February)

• Love and Other Games of Chance: A Novelty by Lee Siegel (Viking, $27.95)--A Jewish circus performer encounters fortune-tellers, mentalists, magicians, midgets, Buffalo Bill, Hitler, and the Abominable Snowman.

• The Getaway Man by Andrew Vachss (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard, $11)--The Pacific Northwest's very own thrill master presents a new one about a compulsive car thief who becomes a getaway driver for a notorious hijacker.

• The Dialogues of Time and Entropy by Aryeh Lev Stollman (Riverhead, $24.95)--The Jewish Stollman presents this collection of philosophical short stories on things like the Holocaust... and the convergence of science, the imagination and the spiritual realm. Whoa.

• The Full Rudy: The Man, the Myth, the Mania by Jack Newfield (Thunder's Mouth Press, $11.95)--If you're one of those people who think Rudy Giuliani is a true hero... prepare to be proven dead WRONG! HA HA HA!

DVD Releases (Tuesday, Feb 11)

• Angel: The Complete First Season (1999-200)--Wow! A six-disc set featuring the first episodes of Buffy's former b-friend and vampire with a soul, who starts an L.A. detective agency.

• Living in Oblivion (1995)--Hey Catherine Keener fans! Here's an early flick starring Keener and Steve Buscemi in a send-up of independent filmmakers. They also make fun of Brad Pitt.

The Fast Runner (2001)--An art house fave, Runner tells the tenth-century story of an Inuit village that falls under the power of an evil shaman. Great cinematography!

• Full Frontal (2002)--An art house snoozer from Steven Soderbergh, about seven people who are interconnected by the making of a Hollywood film. Boooring!

• My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)--My big fat ass.