BAD MILO So that's what happened to the baby from Dinosaurs!

YOU SHOULD FEEL insulted by Bad Milo.

Someone actually sat down at a computer, with you in mind, and thought: "Poop and butts are gross and funny. Weird things coming out of butts: also gross and funny. I'll write a hit script with a lot of all that."

And then enough people agreed that you'd like this idea that an actual movie was made, paid for in actual dollars. And they named that movie Bad Milo and it's in theaters mocking you as we speak.

It's about a nice guy named Ken (Ken Marino) with a number of thorny problems: his job sucks, his stepfather is insufferable, and his wife (Community's Gillian Jacobs) is agitating for a child he's not sure he's ready for. Also: turns out he's got a small, fleshy demon—Milo—living inside him that suddenly starts bursting forth from his anus and killing the people who are making his life so terrible.

Bad Milo, everyone.

The film, like its titular ass demon, has emerged a bit late in the game. It's a movie that might've felt fresh when the first American Pie was tearing up theaters, pre-Y2K—but in an era where South Park churns out rectum-based crudity on a weekly basis, it's hard to see where Milo's filmmakers thought they'd find much comic traction.

That said, it's not all bad: Marino's chops—cultivated over worthier projects like The State, Party Down, and Wet Hot American Summer—serve passably here. A scene where Ken spars bewilderedly with his mother's young husband, and another where he lives a brief bachelor's life with his butt pet, are bright spots. But despite the considerable comic talent available to him (cast members Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, and Stephen Root are all more than capable), director Jacob Vaughan has pulled a decidedly tired, tame exercise from a predictable orifice.