Jayme Hansen, 26: As a designer (Birds of Prey) and costumer for her performance group Fleshtone, Jayme's style is hard to miss. Other hats she wears are choreographer, visual artist, and musician. She says her look is "magic, metal, Vegas thrift store 1967-2093", likes Dwell and Surface magazines, Sephora, Oregon Leather, and shopping for vintage shoes on eBay.

On Jayme: Boxfresh top (worn as collar), provided by Local.35; Birds of Prey modified jumpsuit, leggings, vintage heels, lace glove, and brooch, Jayme's own. Dove courtesy of Brian Barasch.

On Jayme: Vintage tank top, provided by Old School; Gibbous skirt, provided by Le Rouge; Birds of Prey swimsuit top, earrings, and vintage platforms, Jayme's own.