There is not one single jellyfish in this entire movie. I checked twice to make sure. There are many scenes of downtown Tel Aviv and of the Israeli coastline, yes, but no jellyfish. I can only assume, then, that it must be a metaphor for something—something to do with floating around aimlessly in the ocean, or jiggling through life without direction or a spine.

Jellyfish was the winner of the 2007 Caméra d'Or at Cannes, and it shows: It's a beautiful movie, filled with Tel Aviv's marvelous architecture and old world splendor. Luckily, the film's plot isn't bad either. Jellyfish is one of those movies, like Crash or 13 Conversations about One Thing, that weave disconnected stories of some sad, lonely people living sad, lonely lives into one coherent tale; in this case, the tale is about three extremely mopey women dealing with varying degrees of family estrangement until one magical day a little girl in water wings washes up on the beach, recalling happier childhood days for everyone. (I think she might be the "jellyfish," but if that's true, it's very disappointing, because I really, really wanted to see someone get stung in the foot.) I might've mentioned this before, but despite the fact that Jellyfish contains NO ACTUAL JELLYFISH, it's pleasant to watch anyway.