Bands: Last of the Juanitas, Party Time, Ocifer. Schier is the drummer for Last of the Juanitas, a righteous mathy, heavy rock band. Party Time is a rock band consisting of Sherman, Giles, the Owners' Mike Heiges, and Jeremy Walsh. Ocifer is a metal band, in which Sherman (ex of the Mercury Birds) plays drums. Also, Schier, Sherman, and Long--three drummers--are starting a band called The Rogues, with which they would to use to "take over the world."

Rent: $775

Description of Crib: A common gathering spot for local bandsters and drinkers. Beer cans are everywhere, and at no time is a cigarette not burning. The carpet is shaggy, stained, and pulling up from the floor, and you DEFINITELY would not want to walk on it in bare feet. The upstairs is about as bad, with litter strewn everywhere and a horrible, horrible bathroom that should be in a Stephen King novel where someone gets locked in the bathroom for a month.

Length of residency in Crib: Schier, the only surviving original member of the crib, has been there for three years. In that time, about 300,000 band boys and girls have moved in and out, including his bandmates in Last of the Juanitas (Lana Rebel and Brian Giles), and his girlfriend. At crib inspection time, another dude, Mike C. of The Bugs, was about to move into the dining room.

Number of Cigarettes Smoked Per Day: About 240.

Television show watched in Crib: Judge Joe Brown is on the crib's television, and Sherman is getting pissed off about the crappy reception. He yells, "Fucking cunt! Oh... sorry, I don't mean you," searches around for the remote, and then realizes that the TV is within arm's reach.

What's in the fridge: Gimme Lean Sausage, about 15 beers, and tortillas.

Number of dead fish in the Crib: One. Schier: "My girlfriend just moved out, and her fish just died yesterday. I'm such a sap. I put her dead fish under one of the plants in the tank, so it would grow into the plant."

Amount of weed in the Crib: None. And boy, does John Sherman have ants in his pants. (This was added to let it be known that yes, John Sherman does like to smoke pot, so if you see him at a show or just out at a bar, feel free to offer him a toke off the doober.)