Artistic occupation: MC and owner of his own record label, Hotshot Records

Day Job: Photographer of "Adult Material"

Most unused item in the Crib: "The steam-iron. Yeah, I bought that awhile back, when I was really into designing clothes. But yeah, I don't really iron much now."

Keary's favorite piece of furniture in the Crib: "These couches. I mean, these couches have seen a lot of action. They're featured in a lot of magazines in Portland. I like them because they're yellow leather. Usually people who have leather couches have brown or black. But these are bright yellow. I bought them at City Liquidators, but usually when people ask, I tell them they were imported." "The most memorable incident that occurred on these couches involved a 6'1" blond-haired girl and a banana. In fact, that scene was so memorable that we named that girl Banana."

Keary's least favorite thing in the Crib's fridge: "Well, my favorite thing is definitely not the fish sauce. That belongs to a friend of mine who likes to cook a lot of Asian foods. But the Beer Rabbit molasses is worse. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to buy this molasses at the Renaissance Market. Something in my brain told me it was a good idea to put molasses on waffles. I was really wrong. Don't ever do that. Molasses on waffles is not a good thing."

Favorite room in the Crib:
"The room upstairs. This room is where I make music and where I shoot a lot of my girls. I've got this picture of Bruce Lee up, but really Bruce only comes out when I'm doing music. When I'm shooting, he comes down and I use this as a backdrop. He's a great inspiration as an artist. I mean, he did everything. He was an actor, dancer, philosopher, athlete. Everyone loves Bruce Lee."

Check out the new album by Keary Kase and Von Great, Life of a Star, on Keary's own label, Hot Shot Records.