KLOWN Fight the power, you little bastard.

I ACTUALLY ENJOY gross-out comedy flicks (think The Hangover), but recoil when the plot lacks emotional depth (think The Hangover and The Hangover, Part 2). So it's pretty awesome when one film captures a sweetness of spirit and insanely immature antics all in one fell swoop. That's why I'm heartily recommending Denmark's Klown. It's based on a popular Danish TV series... though you don't have to know the characters going in to grasp what's going on. And don't worry—there are no clowns.

Nebbish Frank (Frank Hvam) and lothario Casper (Casper Christensen) go on a sexy "Tour de Pussy" prostitute-banging canoe trip (???) to get away from their girlfriends—but when Frank discovers his lady is pregnant, he takes along her sad-sack nephew to prove his capability as a father. What ensues is a simultaneously cute and grotesquely hilarious buddy/sex comedy that out-sweets Three Men and a Baby and out-grosses The Hangover. And I'm being very serious about this last bit: While some of the antics are wildly unbelievable, others are simply jaw-dropping—and after seeing what sort of stuff is permissible in Denmark, you'll either want to move there or vote to bomb them into oblivion.

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