Portland not only has a wealth of talented fashion designers, but also a surprisingly rich boutique culture presided over by the curatorial eyes of some of our most stylish citizens. Here's a brief guide to get you started in the quest for style, in your closet and in your home.

Amalee, 909 N Beech, 282-2118

A super-cute, friendly clothing boutique with accessible pricing—great for picking up on trends.

Andy and Bax, 324 SE Grand, 234-7538

Portland's number-one shop for army surplus, like boots and peacoats.

Avalon Antiques & Vintage Clothes,

410 SW Oak, 224-7156

Great for vintage suits and other showstoppers.

The Bins, 1740 SE Ochoco, Milwaukie

If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, this is an awesome spot for furniture, shoes, and clothing rescues.

Blake, 2285 NW Johnson, 222-4848

Great for that hot denim label you've been looking for.

Blue, 3753 N Mississippi, 542-0888

Eclectic and young, this store has an excellent balance of low and high (but not scary-high).

Bombshell Vintage, 811 E Burnside, 239-1073

Huge, beautiful selection of vintage—don't miss the shoes!

Bourgeois Z Vintage & Cafe, 11121 SE Division, 473-8013

Shop and eat under one convenient roof.

Buffalo Exchange, 1420 SE 37th, 234-1302; 1036 W Burnside, 222-3418

You know it, you love it—a vintage institution.

Chapterfour, 4702 N Albina, 841-6290

Hats, accessories, and streetwear for men and women, brought to you by Detroit transplants.

Compound Gallery, 107 NW 5th, 796-2733

Fantastic selection of sneakers and streetwear, plus Japanese toys and curios that would make interesting conversation pieces for your mantle.

Covet, 429 SW 10th, 222-6838

New to town, with party dresses, jeans, and essential separates.

Crossroads Trading Company,

3736 SE Hawthorne, 239-8099

Finally, one of the better vintage stores has opened a Portland chapter.

Decades Vintage Company, 328 SW Stark, 223-1177

Crammed to the gills with unique pieces, this is what they mean by "oldie but goodie."

The Dig, 13844 SE McLoughlin, Milwaukie, 496-0875

Pre-loved hidden treasures on the cheap, especially cowboy boots.

Folly, 1005 NW 16th, 954-1334

Find unique skirts made on-site or by custom order, plus complementing separates.

Frances May, 1013 SW Washington, 227-3402

Insta-popular new boutique featuring lots of up-and-comers.

Frank James, 723 E Burnside, 239-3959

Sleek little store for hip men and women, with a selection that includes a smattering of local designs.

Frock, 1439 NE Alberta, 595-0379

Charming mix of new and vintage, with an emphasis on local.

Gilt, 720 NW 23rd, 226-0629

New and vintage jewelry, excellent for unique wedding and engagement options.

Goodwill, multiple locations, goodwill.org

The gold standard of thrifting.

Gypsy Chic, 3966 N Mississippi, 234-9779

Clothing inspired by the free-spirited world traveler.

Halo Shoes, 1425 NE Broadway, 331-0366

Where true lovers of shoes come to worship.

Hawthorne Vintage, 4722 SE Hawthorne,


Another reason why Hawthorne is a one-stop street for all things reusable.

Hecklewood, 114 SW 3rd, 922-1797

Screen-printed gear from the in-house line along with other like-mindedly fun and flashy streetwear companies.

Hermitage, 1024 NW 19th, 241-2399

Beautiful options for your home, including a great selection of wallpaper.

Hive, 820 NW Glisan, 242-1967

A kind of Mecca for devotees of modern furniture and housewares.

Hot Box Betty, 1623 NE 15th, 288-1189

Tucked away near the mall, this clothing store is a great antidote to the looming department stores across the way.

House of Vintage, 3315 SE Hawthorne,


A rambling warehouse of vintage clothing and furniture from a slew of independent sellers.

IDOM, 1600 NE Alberta, 477-6817

Wonderful designs from the in-house women's wear line, plus lovely selections from the US and abroad.

Ikea, 10280 NE Cascades, 282-4532

Sometimes you just need some shelving options.

Lady Luck Vintage, 2742 E Burnside,


If you want vintage and formal, this is your best bet—especially if you have small feet!

Life + Limb, 1716 E Burnside, 233-4738

Quite possibly the hippest houseplants in town.

Lille Boutique, 1007 E Burnside, 232-0333

Amazing selection of hard-to-find lingerie from small lines in the US and Europe.

Lived-in Lover, 3619 SE Division, 230-8533

Lots of precious old things to wear and use at home, especially kitchenware.

Liza Rietz, 2305 NW Savier, 459-4292

Home of local Liza Rietz's exciting designs for women, available off the rack and by custom order.

Lizard Lounge, 1323 NW Irving, 416-7476

Tons of hip streetwear and accessories, including wallets from local company db clay.

Local35, 3556 SE Hawthorne, 963-8200

Smart casual wear for the urban sophisticate man or woman.

Lucia Apparel, 424 NW 11th, 998-7879

Excellent basics that flatter a range of women.

Mabel and Zora, 1468 NE Alberta, 335-6169; 748 NW 11th, 241-5696

Very friendly store with scores of dresses for every season.

Magpie, 520 SW 9th, 220-0920

Local designs and killer vintage—a goldmine for jewelry.

Mink, 3418 SE Hawthorne, 232-3500

Cute, easy-to-wear dresses and separates at moderate boutique prices.

Moxie, 2400 E Burnside, 296-6943

Unique pieces alongside bigger names, with great jewelry, a wide selection of bags, and a smattering of trendy shoes.

Nolita, 923 NW 10th, 274-7114

Holds it down in the denim department, as well as tops, hoodies, jackets, and dresses you'll live in just as much.

Odessa, 410 SW 13th, 223-1998

Quietly cool boutique with a selection worthy of a much bigger city.

Olio United, 1028 SE Water, 542-5000

Conscientious boutique that looks for clothing, housewares, and accessories with good intentions and stories.

Parallel, 1122 NW Marshall, 274-8882

Excellent, sophisticated pieces for men and women.

Phlox, 3962 N Mississippi, 284-1264

Plenty of feminine dresses as well as qualityTs and accessories.

Pin Me Apparel, 3705 N Mississippi, 281-1572

Reliably reasonable prices on dresses and coats you'll wear constantly.

Peter's Office Supply and Interior, 338 NW 9th, 228-6357

Office supplies, many of which are recycled.

Ray's Ragtime, 1001 SW Morrison, 226-2616

One of the stores responsible for Portland's reputation for excellent vintage options.

Red Light Clothing Exchange, 3590 SE Hawthorne, 963-8888; 333 SW 10th, 294-0800

Must-shop vintage location, especially for those about to rock.

Redux, 811 E Burnside, 231-7336

Fabulous source of unique jewelry made from re-imagined materials.

Refind Fashion & Home Décor,

1907 N Kilpatrick, 283-6998

Vintage pieces ready to add that finishing touch to your home and outfit.

Rerun, 707 NE Fremont, 517-3786

Representing Northeast vintage hounds.

Rock 'n' Rose, 616 E Burnside, 239-3901

Great for vintage Ts and polo shirts.

Salvation Army, multiple locations, satruck.com

Gives Goodwill a run for its money.

Saysay Boutique, 1010 SW Morrison, 223-1282

Ladylike looks for every woman.

Seaplane, 827 NW 23rd, 234-2409

Arguably the birthplace of Portland fashion design.

Soho Clothing Boutique, 1605 NE Broadway, 282-4940

Jeans to flatter your behind, plus tops to wear with 'em, not to mention flirty dress options.

Souchi, 807 NW 23rd, 525-0043

Delicious cashmere everything, plus apparel and accessories from well-respected lines.

Stand Up Comedy, 811 E Burnside, 233-3382

Ultra-modern artistic designs for people who are serious about clothing but know how to have fun.

Swoon, 2734 NE Alberta, 206-3075

Vintage house and wardrobe finds for the hipster mod revivalist.

Sword + Fern, 811 E Burnside, 206-992-3932

Tiny store with rad jewelry created using old car parts, local clothing, and more.

Twill, 5935 SE Division, 922-2084

Cute, affordable clothing for women and children.

Una, 2802 SE Ankeny, 235-2326

You know that ultra-chic, artsy girl who looks like she just stepped off the plane from Europe? Yeah, she shops here.

Upper Playground, 23 NW 5th, 548-4835

The coolest hoodie you have ever seen probably came from here.

Value Village, 5050 SE 82nd, 771-5472

Thrifters: You know what to do.

William Temple House, 2230 NW Glisan, 222-3328

Great for used furniture and coats!

Winn Perry, 2505 SE 11th, 922-1298

A men's emporium for discerning gentlemen, with everything from fine English shoes to shaving supplies and to-die-for apparel, suspenders and neckwear; it also works in concert with custom suit supplier Duchess Clothier.

Xtabay Vintage, 2515 SE Clinton, 230-2899

Extremely well-selected (and not too cluttered) vintage shop with a good selection of timeless boots.