LEARNING TO DRIVE In which a wealthy white lady overcomes virtually no disadvantages.

LEARNING TO DRIVE tells the tale of a wealthy white lady (Patricia Clarkson) who learns how to drive from a wise man in a turban (Ben Kingsley) and overcomes virtually no disadvantages and then buys herself a Chevrolet and drives up to Vermont. Go see it, if you want!

And that is... crap, only 49 words! I'm supposed to write 300 to fill up this little box. Gosh, this is hard. There really isn't a lot more to this movie than that. Did I mention that Patricia Clarkson's character is wealthy? Because that's important. I guess one struggle that she faces is having to sell her Upper West Side townhouse after being left by her husband. She goes on to buy what seems like a very nice apartment in a high-rise. Does that count as a struggle? I don't think so, but then again, I don't know a lot about New York real estate.

I guess Kingsley's character, Darwan, overcomes some stuff, although it's only briefly touched upon, and only as an excuse for Patricia Clarkson's character to grow. Darwan is a Sikh who obtained political asylum, and then his US citizenship, after being tortured and imprisoned in India. He was a respected professor there, but works as a cabbie and driving instructor in New York because that's all he can do with a turban on his head. His story is interesting but his dialogue is basically limited to sage advice for the white lady. And he is helpful—after all, she gets that Chevy, and drives to Vermont!

There is a specific group of people who will love this movie and they align more closely with Patricia Clarkson's race, generation, and socio-economic status than Darwan's.

That is enough words on Learning to Drive, the end. 300.