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RE: One Day at a Time [July 24], regarding an onstage encounter between two actors at this year's nerd-tastic San Diego Comic-Con.

DEAR ANN [ROMANO]—If being labeled a dweeb/geek/dork/nerd/spazz/loser/freakazoid/weirdo/shut-in/anime pervert/comic book collector is all I need to contend with to get a chance at seeing dashing Ian McKellen put the moves on Michael Fassbender, bring it on!

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RE: "Tribbles and Poetry in the Park" [Theater, July 31], previewing the last season of Trek in the Park, in which they are reenacting the famous "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode.

Don't dare knock Tribbles. I made fun of the guy who wrote that episode and it sparked a multi-day flame war across several social media sites. It's probably still going on but I've stopped checking in.

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RE: "Doing the Time Warp Again... and Again" [Feature, July 31], regarding the struggle between a local Rocky Horror shadow cast and 20th Century Fox.

What I don't understand is why the "Denton Delinquents" wanted or "needed" to strike out on their own? I haven't been to a Rocky Horror midnight movie in... maybe eight years, and maybe twice in the 12 before that. But I was one of those weird high school kids whose teen years were enhanced, if not socially blessed, by Rocky Horror midnight screenings. While Rocky Horror clearly was part of my life and my friends' lives, I never fully understood the shadow cast, those folks who re-create the movie as it plays behind them. As both a regular and employee of a theater, the shadow cast always seemed more for the sake of the shadow cast, though I'll note that I can't speak for local regulars.

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It is being shown in Vancouver regularly now! And as far as the Delinquents wanting to leave the [Clinton Street Theater] and strike out on their own goes, the theater had recently come into the hands of new owners who had a different idea of how things should be than we did, so we made the decision to move on because of irreconcilable differences, and, in our opinion, all the problems that we faced were totally worth it to be where we are now. The Kiggins Theatre is absolutely beautiful and completely supportive of us. Also, I can understand how shadow casts are not for everyone, but all shadow casts are very different and run things in different ways. It's all about finding a place and cast that you like, or even just finding a theater without a shadow cast if that's what you prefer. It's great to hear different opinions from time to time!

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RE: "Water Boarding" [Letters, July 31], regarding the effort to form the "Portland Public Water District" independent of city council.

My wife and I paid $13 a month for water in Las Vegas. Yup, $13 a month. Thirteen bucks... in a desert. Thirteen fine America dollars. Yup... for water.

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RE: "Timbers" [Portland as Fuck, July 31], in which columnist Ian Karmel criticizes the aggressiveness of Portland Timbers fans, the Timbers Army.

I agree with Ian. People need to chill out. Motherfuckers can't take a joke. Problem is, too many people have taken on [Timbers Army] culture as a personality implant, so any criticism of any minor detail seems like a personal attack. Which means some of us are dangerously close to becoming soccer's Trekkies. Yeah, we sing loudly and make big drawings. We help out in the community and try to be a net positive. So what? I don't do that to get validation from others or use it as a cudgel to fuck with people who don't like the same things I like the way I like them. LARP at me, bro! Hey Ian, thanks for coming to a game.

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THANKS FOR BEING so affable, Daaaaave, and maybe we'll see ya at a game sometime soon. In the meanwhile, please enjoy being this week's Mercury letter of the week winner, with two free tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where singing loudly is discouraged.