RE: "Death from Above" [News, Sept 11], regarding a crematorium in the Montavilla neighborhood whose emissions have caused neighborhood concern.

DEAR MERCURY—Thank you for the article about neighbors' concerns about the nasty, black smoke coming from a new crematorium in Montavilla, located near Vestal School. I'm sure there are many toxins to be concerned about in that smoke. One of the worst ones may be mercury. Many people do not realize our "silver" dental fillings are made from about 50 percent mercury, which is a neurotoxin. And when they are cremated, there is no safety system in place to prevent the mercury from going up the stacks and into our neighborhoods. Dental fillings made from mercury have had a free pass for too long. We need to enact a standard to protect citizens from toxic mercury from this and all crematoria in Oregon.

 Caroline Skinner



RE: "Another Pearl Jam" [News, Sept 18], a Q&A with Pearl District Neighborhood Association (PDNA) President Patricia Gardner regarding the group's efforts to block the move of the Right 2 Dream Too homeless rest area to the Pearl.

She has a point about putting them in a building. We have a lot of empty ones the city might have access to.

posted by seanpdx

You're comparing a disadvantaged group's plight of HOMELESSNESS to the bureaucratic red tape that financially secure/wealthy land developers will deal with? I hope the city RAMS this down your throats, and that all of your meals are forever tainted with the aftertaste clinging to your soft palate.

posted by nibbler83

Funny, I don't remember there being much "public process" either when our tax dollars were used for the urban renewal project that created the little yuppie utopia you apparently think you own. I don't think anyone is considering this move a permanent solution, but at least it's a sheltered area and the whole idea of this is to provide a safe place for people working toward transition. If PDNA really gave a shit, they would use their money and influence to help find a better solution.

posted by zipitup

Let's get real. Homelessness is permanent. The Pearl District was built on a former homeless area, and benefited from tax subsidy created by lobbying and low land prices created by the homeless. The thousands of Pearl residents have an opportunity to give something back by hiring homeless and funding a dedicated social worker to work with the R2DToo community. Token subsidized housing is not enough.

posted by R



RE: "The Sanest Arguments Against Fluoride" [Feature, May 1], our endorsement of a "yes" vote to fluoridate Portland's water, which kicked off a bitter fight among the city's population? Yeah, remember that? No idea why this guy is bringing it up again now, by way of making fun of Vancouver? Or something?

DEAR MERCURY—A'm not sure how all this turned out if it did but I might be late to the debait. I'm from Vancouver. I'm talking about the water floridating. I prafer my beer and lickher witout chomical posining thank u! This aint no floridanation this is Ameraca moreons!!

Steve Sanders



RE: "Going Home" [Feature, Sept 18], about the Portland-created hit videogame Gone Home.

It's a great experience, more akin to a film or short story. I think this game will speak to a certain range of people, especially those who grew up close to the time period represented in this game or were into zine/punk culture in the early '90s. Videogames don't all have to be about dragons or shooting or whatever; there's room for all kinds of stories to be told in all sorts of ways. Gone Home is a wonderful game, I'm glad it exists, and I hope there are more like it on the way.

posted by cat & beard

YES C&B, when one wants to take a break from the stresses of homelessness and fluoride, Gone Home is an excellent resource, and we too look forward to more from the Fullbright Company! In the meanwhile, please enjoy two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, another excellent choice for pleasant distraction over delicious pizza and beer.