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RE: One Day at a Time [Jan 8], in which author Ann Romano refers to "anti-science crusader Jenny McCarthy."

HI ANN [ROMANO]—Although I do like that you find Jenny McCarthy ridiculous, I wish you would stop conflating her anti-fluoride and anti-immunization opinions with being "anti-science." Please realize modern science does not support your apparent support for fluoridating water. Sugar and bad dental hygiene—and their relationship to poverty and lack of health care and/or perhaps bad parenting—probably have much more to do with Oregon's apparent dental problems. Dentists seem to be luxuries now, unlike when you were a child, perhaps. Even if your teeth or the teeth of people from wherever you hail from seemed to be saved by fluoride in the water, perhaps it was the topical application in your toothpaste, or your socioeconomic status—including your diet and hygiene habits—that made your teeth what they are, not to mention genetics. And if you support putting things that we think are good for health into our fairly pristine water supply, why doesn't our water have vitamin C added? I won't say much about vaccinations, except the "jury" is not in about them. Some scientists, doctors, etc., are evil, and/or work for nefarious employers, and things like hormone replacement therapy or the use of certain drugs seem conclusive until one looks at more studies from different sources. Be skeptical of both sides, but know who the sides often represent.

Jerry Garet


RE: The Mercury's relative lack of coverage on Cover Oregon (it's coming).

DEAR MERCURY—For a paper that routinely sniffs out every lowly politician's impropriety and exposes every wasted local budget dollar, you have been surprisingly and disappointingly silent on the ongoing and massively expensive debacle that is Cover Oregon. Cover Oregon's failure is hurting Oregonians' finances, as well as their health. Where have you been instead of championing the people on this?

Uninsured in Indignation


RE: "Waiting to Inhale" [News, Jan 15], regarding the likelihoods of when and how marijuana will be legalized and regulated in Oregon.

It's extremely unlikely that the legislature will refer a good, workable measure, because for the most part they don't favor marijuana legalization. Their bill will create a burdensome taxation scheme, and with it, a draconian enforcement system. "Legalization" will inevitably also include stepped-up enforcement in order to prevent people from simply opting for cheaper black market marijuana.

posted by Euphonius


RE: "A Postmortem on the Port" [Hall Monitor, Jan 15], reviewing the cancellation of plans to build on West Hayden Island.

I would just add that it was the advocacy of a lot of people that brought this bad project to an end. I would particularly single out the residents of the manufactured-home community who live next door to the proposed project and would have borne the brunt of its negative impacts. They fought every step of the way, and they set some really important precedents along the way. This was the first project in Portland that was required to do a Health Impact Assessment to quantify the potential direct impacts on the local community. The end of the annexation process is a huge win for our communities and our environment, and it demonstrates the power of grassroots activism in Portland.

posted by Bob Sallinger, Audubon Society of Portland


RE: "Bad Cops" [Film, Jan 15], a review of Ride Along that points out the irony that the same person who wrote "Fuck tha Police" is playing an "unaccountable cowboy cop" for laughs.

Ice Cube recorded that song when he was 19—didn't you feel the same way when you were that age? I think it's more important to focus on him being a successful entertainer for over 25 years, not that he isn't the same pissed-off teenager we all dug when we were pissed-off teenagers.

posted by tomwiththeweather

OH TOMWITHTHEWEATHER, 'tis true: People grow up, and people change, and money and time will help that along. For your brave defense of the evolution of Ice Cube, we're giving you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where money (for beer) and time (for movies) will also serve you well.