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RE: "Rough Draft" [News, April 2], regarding the confusion over "Prosper Portland," a collaborative effort to stem homelessness and clear out homeless campsites that may or may not be implemented.

It makes me wonder, as a homeless person, if I'll end up getting harassed at night while I'm sleeping. "Camping" is when we erect temporary shelters to sleep in overnight, whereas "nesting" is when we leave camp sites around during the day in what would amount to quasi-permanent shelter—"homesteading" would also be a suitable term. I'm out of my spot by 9 am at the latest, and everything goes with me. I don't want to get lumped in with homesteaders.

Posted by wolkenkaiser


RE: "The War (on the War) on Drugs" [Hall Monitor, April 2] regarding Commissioner Steve Novick's questioning of the allocation of resources for the police bureau's Drugs and Vice Division, and "Police Union: Cutting Drugs Unit 'Like Pulling Out Your Front Teeth to Save Money on Toothpaste'" [Blogtown, April 3].

PDX is awash in cheap heroin. A shitload of the property crime comes from addicts feeding their addictions. Really, really stupid idea.

Posted by Jarhead

If PDX is awash in cheap heroin, then you're saying the division isn't very effective at what it is supposed to do.

Posted by Mick Orlosky

Do you stop mowing the grass because it keeps growing? Sometimes you just need to do maintenance in order to keep things from getting too far out of hand. I guess simple maintenance has become too tedious and un-trendy.

Posted by Jimmy Carter


RE: "Hales'Office: Time for Last Thursday Vendors to Start Paying Fees... 'Probably' This Year" [Blogtown, April 3], regarding the city's treatment of the popular but controversial art walk.

The city has been trying to "neuter" Last Thursday for the last six to seven years, just the way they did with First Thursday about 15 years ago. Anyone remember when First Thursday was cool? Fighting off neighborhood management and charging the vendors will be the final nail in the coffin. Many of the artists gave up on LT as it's starting to look more like any other street fair and less vibrant then it did 10 to 12 years ago. Maybe we'll start "Last Saturday on Alberta" to bring back some of the old vibe if the city insists on following their current course.

Posted by Magnus Johannesson


RE: "Prick" [I, Anonymous, March 26], in which an anonymous author declares vengeance on the person who left an uncapped hypodermic needle in her workplace that pricked her as she was emptying the trash.

DEAR MERCURY—I felt bad for the person who got poked with a dirty needle. Here's my PSA: Swap out all the lights in the bathrooms with blue ones, which RENDER VEINS INVISIBLE.

A Recovering Addict

THANKS FOR THE PSA, Recovering. We'll leave it up to bathroom owners across the city to decide whether they'll heed your advice, but in the meantime please enjoy two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where they provide good, clean fun—no recovery necessary.