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RE: "Before the Crowbar" [News, June 18], regarding the background of the June 12 Portland police shooting that left Nicholas Glendon Davis dead.

I want to see a parent whose child was killed by the police, who is willing to pursue a case against them. But to do so, it appears the parent must not be willing to accept their hush money and not agree to the gag order that comes attached. When a monetary settlement is made, it is not talked about again publicly due to the terms of the settlement. Maybe then a difference could be made. We all have someone in our families with mental-health issues.

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RE: "Losing My Religion" [Last Supper, June 18], a disappointed review of Reverend's BBQ.

DEAR MERCURY—I guess it was Bash Reverend's Week at the local alt newsies. All I can say is I've had three pleasant meals there—decent foot, nice staff—while a recent visit to Russell Street Bar-B-Que yielded not only the driest meatloaf on record but perhaps the surliest server as well. Let's get real. Portland does BBQ okay—it ain't Memphis or Kansas City for sure, but at least it's not the culinary trainwreck that is Mexican food up here.

Rhonda Reedy


RE: "Mating Rituals of the Millennial" [Film, June 18], a mostly positive review of Obvious Child.

This movie was hilarious and pure awesome. This review, on the other hand, is an example of how criticism so often misses the point of experiencing a movie by focusing on where to place it in current pop culture. Do you have to be aware of what it means to be a "hipster," the label of the moment, to feel anything more about this movie? No, it's only a distraction. Unfortunately you can hardly find a critic who doesn't feel it's necessary to make readers aware that they are fixated on all of these pointless distinctions.

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RE: "Dumped" [Everything as Fuck, June 18], in which author Ian Karmel writes about his recent breakup and ensuing heartache.

Ian, if you were here and I actually knew you, we'd go say some overly defensive misogynistic shit over a beer, then some guilty but patronizing shit over another, then some actually guilty but accepting shit over a third, rounded out with a shot and a bring-it-in-handshake/brohug. Be good, man.

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RE: "Land of the Fire-Free" [I, Anonymous, June 18], in which the author cites pollution, trauma, and fire hazards as reasons to end the tradition of Fourth of July fireworks.

Ahhh yes, leftist authoritarianism. "BAN FIREWORKS BECAUSE AMERICA SUCKS AND THEY POLLUTE!" Seriously, it's just as bad as right-wing fascism. In some cases, it's uglier and worse. When we abandoned "live and let live" in the name of creating a more perfect world through government, we started down the road to hell.

posted by Gordo Granudo

If I were religious, I might shout out HALLELUJAH. Fuck. I absolutely loathe this holiday for this very reason. I don't even own goddamned dogs and I feel so bad for them!! Jeez, people, really? This is fun for you? Fireworks are so obnoxious. And... why, exactly? Just to be... obnoxious?

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I agree, fireworks are annoying and stupid. However, I sure am getting sick of reading "... should be banned..." and "... I say we put a ban on..." about anything that offends someone's oh-so-delicate sensibilities. Not to mention: They ARE banned. It's illegal to use certain fireworks, but people do it anyway. Huh. Weird how "bans" work.

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I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure most of what's sent sky-high is illegal already. Except for my mind, man, which ruminates on freedom and how glad I am the Redcoats were rousted from our land.

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