DEAR MERCURY—Your response to last week's letter regarding the crypto-racist I, Anonymous ["Spanglish Anguish," Feb 26] is a janky copout [Letters, March 5]. It doesn't take a genius to note that your publication, an English-language alternative rag, primarily targets white, English-speaking hipster Americans as its core demographic. For those of you who nervously refer to Portland as a "white city," trust us: If you moved to Oakland, all your friends would still be white.

-Team Daisuki


DEAR MERCURY—In response to I, Anonymous' "Nazi Nice" [March 5], I had a very similar experience regarding equally dick-wadding cowards. Two months ago I was standing at a bus stop on East Burnside and 30-something when a car full of white guys drove by and one of 'em yelled at me, "Nigger!" And I thought to myself, "Wow! People are still doing that?" C'mon. Yelling out of your car at someone on the street is literally the easiest thing in the world to do! Now, I grew up in Georgia most of my life, and what I can tell you is, racists here in Portland really aren't any more or less worse than racists in Columbus, Georgia. The only real difference is, Portland racists are waaay more chicken-shit about it. This city may indeed be weird (not), but I find the racism here to be not at all impressive.

-Damos Abadon


DEAR MERCURY—I'm a law-abiding biker—the kind that actually stops at signs and traffic lights ["Stop! Ish...," News, Feb 26]. However, the concept that a biker should have to put a foot down to qualify as a "full stop" is preposterous. Imagine if the same were required while I'm driving. Perhaps Portland's police could drop their vendetta and return to fighting real crime: arresting street thieves who steal bike lights might be a nice start.



Wow is the photo of the inbox borderline propaganda ["Would Soccer Take $$$ from Poor?" Blogtown, March 9, which includes a screen shot of Commissioner Saltzman's email inbox, filled with emails from citizens encouraging him to back off of proposed plans for a Major League Soccer stadium—see pg. 6 for more.]! You're showing, what, 40 emails from a city of half a million, all sent within a minute of each other! We are not stupid, asshole, so don't try these kind of tricks—you are trying to tell a story with that picture seconds after an email campaign was launched. Ironically you are stepping on the poor, using maliciously misleading images. Fuck your yellow journalism!!!

-Posted by ACES on blogtown.portlandmercury.com


DEAR MERCURY—Portlanders absolutely will not accept a 12-lane freeway anywhere in our city, especially not on a hideously ugly bridge to Vancouver ["Greenwashing the Columbia," News, March 5]. Although it may not seem like it at times, there are plenty of people here who are ready to stand up for a tough fight to defend what Portland means to us. We perceive the idea of this 12-lane monstrosity as nothing less than a siege on our little slice of independence; its construction would be an outright invasion of our culture and consciousness by the forces of conservative uniformity, manifested as an army of eight-passenger vehicles with a solo occupant and Washington plates.

-Conrad J. Burke

CONGRATULATIONS TO CONRAD for piping up to remind us that the people of Portland are not afraid to stand up to city government—passivity is so passé. Conrad wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, soon to be more conveniently accessible from Vancouver.