RE: "My Little Brony" [Film, July 9], in which reviewer Elinor Jones review A Brony Tale—a documentary about male fans of the children's show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Many such "bronies" wrote in to express their displeasure with the article, and in particular Elinor's comments about the possible inappropriateness of grown men hanging out in "the little-girl aisle of the toy store." What follows are just a few of the many (MANY!) responses we received.

You know, I created an account JUST so I could call you out on the huge amount of STUPIDITY you have. Seriously, what the FUCK is wrong with you? How dare you say such horrible things about us bronies? Normally I would love and tolerate the shit out of you, but considering you had to post an ENTIRE ARTICLE? No, I give no forgiveness to sexist haters like you. Have you even SEEN brony statistics? Do you know ANYTHING about us? HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE SHOW?

Of course not, because you don't do your research, and because you judge an entire fanbase based on a few bad apples. Guess what, EVERY FANDOM HAS BAD APPLES! And if you are truly, TRULY man enough [Elinor is a woman—Eds.] to reply to this upon reading it, I expect an apology, because NO ONE likes people like you. NOPONY wants to go to Equestria Daily [equestriadaily.com] and be reminded that there are IGNORANT SNOBS like you out there. GOOD DAY, SIR!

posted by otaku4242

Bronies are awesome and nobody cares what Elinor Jones thinks anyway. She only has 211 Twitter followers, lol.

posted by Ian Heard

Do yourself a favor and quit your job. You suck on every level and don't deserve to get paid for this. Maybe you can keep ranting on your Twitter no one gives a damn about.

posted by Michael Bolting

Is this supposed to be a review of A Brony Tale? Because it looks more like a statement of opinion. What of the movie? How would you rate it? Do you think it was well filmed and produced? These are questions I look for in a review. All I see is a statement of: "This movie will say they're not weird. My opinion is that they are." I wouldn't call this a review. Regardless of whether I agree with you or not, I see this as bad journalism.

posted by Gabe Wohlwind

I am absolutely calling this article out as both sexist and homophobic. Allowing women to embrace traditionally masculine forms of expression also requires allowing (and even encouraging) men to embrace more traditionally feminine forms of expression.

As the mother of a 13-year-old, straight, entirely non-weird, socially adjusted brony whose favorite character is Pinkie Pie, I gotta tell you that the thing I enjoy most is that my son does not experience harassment at school about this. He has a community of male and female MLP fans. There's even a club. We've evolved to the point that heteronormative men can enjoy colors, characters, and experiences traditionally reserved for girly girls and have it not be cause for bullying at school. That's effing awesome and this reviewer needs to think deeply about the ingrained misogyny that makes her feel icky about boys who like "girly stuff." SERIOUSLY.

posted by Trisha

To the author: I don't have a problem with people still feeling "off" about bronies. It certainly looks odd from the outside, depending on your level of open-mindedness to the idea. One of my best friends still hates bronies. But when it comes to a review in a publication, I see no reason why you needed to use the phrasing you did. Your last few statements sound much more like a personal attack on the guy, telling him to stay in his "proper place." There are other ways to express your distaste for the idea than trying to make a personal attack on one of the interviewees.

To some of the bronies here: I get that it's frustrating to read some parts of this article, but shouting out your anger and throwing harsh words around doesn't help our case. We can express disagreement without yelling and being super angry about it. Let's not try to make our public image any worse.

posted by adkscherch

THANKS TO ALL THE BRONIES who weren't too Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash off a few responses. It's a Rarity to receive such Twilight Sparkling comments, and we apologize for stepping in your Pinkie Pies and being such Applejackasses about it. For your efforts, you all win the greatest honor we can bestow: "Portland Mercury Cutie Marks."