DEAR MERCURY—I wrote a letter to the editor that was published in Just Out newspaper back in February of this year, detailing why I thought Adams should resign and, sadly, to this day I stand by that, but I have to say the title of your recent feature article offended me in one important way. "Mayor or Monster" [Feature, May 28]? The word "monster" is so ugly and so loaded. He made some colossal mistakes and he's worked hard to remedy those, but to compare him to a "monster" in ANY fashion, and those stupid cartoons? Are there no depths to which your shabby publication will not sink? I can't count how many times I've read articles, essays, and poetry in which a gay person was compared to a "monster." You owe Adams an apology for this simple reason. Are you ALL high school dropouts who didn't study English or literature?

 -Mrs. Therresa Kennedy


DEAR MERCURY—I was in Portland this last weekend and I stumbled upon an issue of your weekly. I noticed that there was a review covering that ridiculous Terminator movie ["Saved by the Bale," Film, May 21]. I can happily say that ERIK HENRIKSEN is accurately on-point in his critique of the movie! I knew the movie was off, but I didn't know why. It was as if I wasn't sure how to articulate my displeasure; I lacked the critical language. ERIK HENRIKSEN provided me that language! I hope this reaches someone who can share with ERIK HENRIKSEN how much pleasure he brings to his readers and what great film reviews he writes. I would almost go as far as to say that the pleasure I experienced in reading ERIK HENRIKSEN's review leads me to hope that the entire Mercury staff is made up of a collection of ERIK HENRIKSENs, or, at the very least, a staff of ERIK HENRIKSEN-esque editors.

-A Happy Traveler


EZRA [CARAEFF]—Comparing the Aggrolites to Sublime is like comparing your music journalism to that of David Fricke [Up & Coming, May 28]. As Roland Alphonso put it, "Music is music." Come to the Aggrolites show on Friday and (if the crowd doesn't beat you up first) you can experience real reggae music firsthand. 

-DJ Simmerdown


DEAR MERCURY—In this economy, when programs are being cut and people are being laid off, no one should be receiving a pay raise ["Fish, Fritz Turn Down Pay Rise," Blogtown, May 28]! It is the height of political arrogance for Randy Leonard and Dan Saltzman to take a cost-of-living increase right now. I'm an independent stonemason and I've had to cut my rates and trim my sails to keep working. Businesses are closing their doors and laying off employees. We are all in this together. It is increasingly clear that some on the Portland City Council are out of touch with economic realities.

-Spencer Burton


DEAR MERCURY—Just a reminder, trend-setting ladies: Topless sunbathing is legal in Portland. I don't say this for myself; I now live in Tigard (the center of the universe). However, if you want to help tourism, and inaugurate a social transformation with uncertain consequences, I would suggest one of two methods: a co-ed and "equipollent" Mercury event in a downtown park (heavy on genial police/rent-a-cop presence), or a gradual phase-in using "teaching by example" and discussions at parties. But hey, it's your show.

-Jeff Rubard

AS A GENERAL RULE, the Mercury does not recommend its readers as reliable sources of legal advice, but the early, if wobbly, hold that summer appears to have taken inclines us to favor sun worship of all stripes, pervy motives and all. Jeff wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where—sorry—shoes and shirts are required.