DEAR MERCURY—Please list Justin Kistner and WebTrends as "Rogue of the Week" in your next edition of the paper ["MAX Stunt Collides with Cycling Community," Blogtown, July 6]. Their new ad campaign on the MAX asking, "Should cyclists pay a road tax?" is divisive and fosters the bizarre bike vs. car mentality that we have tried to overcome since last summer. Furthermore, Justin's postings on the BikePortland forums and on the company's blog demonstrate that he and the company [ad firm WebTrends] do not care about Portland, the bike community, or the outcome of their ridiculous "survey"—they are only trying to get free advertising for their company.



DEAR MERCURY—Thank you for your continued coverage of new developments with the James Chasse case ["Terminal Energy," News, July 9]. I have a brother who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and decompensates yearly. I have to say the past two years I have been impressed with the response by the Portland Police Bureau in conjunction with Project Respond. [Multnomah County Chair Ted] Wheeler is right, there is a lot of positive energy/awareness that has developed out of the Chasse tragedy. It is encouraging.



DEAR MERCURY—To the thoughtless, arrogant jerk who authored the last I, Anonymous ["One Hell of a Cow," July 9]: Your accusation was so disgusting I can hardly believe it. First of all, what you are raving about is essentially a lost magnet? So... while some Portlanders are getting our homes sold from under us, while we are being wrongfully imprisoned, beaten, and even killed by those who are calling themselves our "protectors," and are unable to or inhibited from sustaining our lives you want us to care about a magnet you think was stolen off your motorcycle? That alone would not be enough for me to muster a reply. But the fact that you managed to, on top of proving yourself to be irredeemably petty, show us that you are just overflowing with oppressive imagery made me realize I simply must sling insults in your direction. Skull fucks and ass pissing is all fine between consenting individuals, but what you were talking about was forced sex acts. Rape is not funny. Ever. I don't even want to mention the wounded seagull; so twisted I'm at a loss for words. Figure your shit out, learn consent, get over yourself, or just die because we surely do not need another pompous, patriarchal shit for brains.



DEAR MERCURY—I think Patrick [Alan Coleman] should come up with a whole book of his search for the perfect taco ["Travels in Tacoville," Last Supper]. His writings generally make me want to rush out and try the tacos he's eating—especially when he writes about places in the periphery of the city. Yet I am slightly let down that he has not touched upon "El Pato Feliz" on 92nd. Two suggestions as well for future columns and haunts: The taco bus on Holgate and 122nd, and the outside taqueria that takes place on Saturdays and Sundays on Powell and 102nd.


CONGRATULATIONS TO DUCK-DUCK for his (her?) taco suggestions—indeed a true search for the perfect taco is lifelong and constant. Duck-duck gets two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where the food ain't tacos, but you can still hold it in one hand.