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RE: "Flooded Streets" [News, Feb 18], regarding the city's recent addition of hundreds of new taxi permits.

So in other words... "Oh shit, our taxi regulation racket has been getting punked by a free market idea to give consumers an alternative to taxis, better push some buttons and pull some levers, deregulate a little, hopefully not too much, too soon, or too little too late!!!"

posted by JSwizzle in NE


RE: "Marijuana Mythbusters" [Cannabuzz, Feb 18], in which columnist Josh Jardine clarifies a few rumors about how getting stoned does and doesn't work.

Mango thing sounds like bullshit. But if you want to sit around with a spoonful of mango in your cheek like some deranged tropical chipmunk, that's fine with me, Josh.

posted by Todd Mecklem

You forgot these [myths]: Weed impairs judgment. Nope, you were already lacking it. Weed slows your reaction time. Nope, ask a gamer. Weed is addictive. Nope, you just want it. You don't "need" it. Weed should be taxed and regulated. NOPE!!! And the people who think we need to be controlled by a central group of bureaucrats on the far side of our supposedly free nation should be mocked and ridiculed until they go back to Europe, where a few inbreds tell everyone what's good for them.

posted by Mike Scott DeRusha


RE: "All-Way(s) a Great Burger" [Last Supper, Feb 18], an overall favorable review of the new burger venture from the forces behind Savoy Tavern and Broder.

Yeah, the vegan burger is a bit sad. The original Savoy veggie burger wasn't much better, as if none of the cooks had actually ever tried eating one. I'll take your pity.

posted by Spaceman

The Half-Way burger, though, where they mix half meat with half veggie burger mix, is surprisingly tasty. I just keep going back for those tasty little burgers.

posted by Melogna

We hear ya, Spaceman! We're currently working on improving the veggie patty in the Wrong-Way burger. And trust us, we'll get feedback from vegans and vegetarians alike before we're done! Thanks for the compliment, Melogna! We love the Half-Way as well.

posted by Martin @ All-Way


RE: "$15... for Some" [News, Feb 18], regarding Mayor Charlie Hales' announcement that all full-time city employees will make at least $15 an hour.

People, if a business can't pay $15 an hour, that means in the end you as a taxpayer are paying for people to have food stamps, Medicare, etc. on your tax dollar. If small food carts can pay $15, anyone can.

posted by rarian.rakista


RE: "Thank You Dr. Ben, Whoever You Are" [Letters, Feb 18], in which a probable spam-bot espoused the powers of a mysterious SPELL CASTER, and apparently summoned its colleague here.

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posted by Tracy Jones

EXPERIMENT: Will a new spam-bot appear every time we print a missive from another? Do they somehow attract each other, and why are they so counter-intuitively obsessed with love witchcraft? Have they begun to reject the technology that begat them? Let's wait and see.