RE: The dignity of our country... a proud country whose name is AMERICA, get it right.

DEAR MERCURYI have seen it becoming a more and more popular thing to do, calling America "'merica," a degrading slang term used by her own people, that suggests we lost something we once had, or are less than we once were. We have our problems right now, but being a country full of pride in every corner has never been one! The times may have us confused, but let's not confuse where we came from and who we are: Americans. Don't accept second place to last week's first. We are Americans in America, and we don't settle for anything but first. I understand we all love this country, let's just keep a good example going for future generations.

Robert Miller


RE: "Ladies of Pens and Pop" [Letters, May 20], last week's Mercury letter of the week.

TO THE EDITOR—It's equal parts hilarious and sad that the Mercury would not only publish but reward this letter in response to a piece about Jessica Hopper's The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic. As surely as the sun rises each day, every city has at least one man who sees the title of Hopper's book and feels compelled to spout a public "Well, actually..." to "correct" it. Hopper acknowledges Ellen Willis and her other female muso-literary progenitors in the foreword to the book. Perhaps if these guys spent less time mansplaining and more time reading, they'd notice? 

Eric Evans


RE: "Our 'How to Do Summer' Guide, Part Two!" [Feature, May 20], an interesting and instructional guide on how to engage correctly, and sometimes strangely, with the best season of the year.

You do not tell people to burn a witch in effigy as a party game. Millions of people were slaughtered by Christian invaders, and that is neither fun nor funny. Retract and apologize or I will curse [this] rag—or maybe you simply misspoke.

posted by Ted Ooghe


RE: "Letting Go Is the Hardest Part" [News, May 20], regarding the effort of Michael O'Connor to gain custodianship of Last Thursday.

There are so many things wrong with this guy. (1) He's from Beaverton—really, what's his business having anything to do with Last Thursday? (2) There are nearly 200 businesses on NE Alberta, so getting 56 signatures is hardly a ringing endorsement. (3) As an employee at one of said businesses that signed, I personally know we and many of our neighbors signed the petition to just make him go away. He interrupted business and was irritatingly pushy. Reading the headline of this article made me hopeful that Michael O'Connor was letting go. So no, we're definitely not giving this guy any money.

posted by Samuel

The businesses on NE Alberta, including bars and restaurants, which see much, much higher sales [on] Last Thursday have been extremely resistant to pay for anything. We have had at least one organizer who thought they could make a living herding Last Thursday, who quickly quit. Personally, I believe the city should shut it down. In a way, they are doing it by small cuts—reducing hours and months. Or they could do it cold turkey. Then if the businesses believe it is in their interest to revive it, they will come up with the funds.

posted by R


RE: "Are You Portland's Worst Person? Enter Our Essay Contest... Win $300!" [New Column! May 20], which is not a joke.

Why is this a contest? I don't understand why people want to promote awful-behaving people. This is ridiculous.

posted by FoodRadical

UM, BECAUSE IT'S ridiculous, FoodRadical. It's ridiculous how the rapid changes in this city have pitted people against each other, and we could all use a little catharsis. Let's have it out, confess, compete, and reward someone for an honest mea culpa instead of the usual high-horsing. Plus you're so cute when you're angry. Here, have this week's Mercury letter of the week! It comes with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, which only rewards movie-going behavior.