A final observation on Portland's 2015 World Naked Bike Ride. Take note for next year, nudists!

DEAR MERCURYYou know what the coolest thing about the Naked Bike Ride was? Ten thousand people at Colonel Summers Park, and when I walked by it [the following] morning there was not one speck of trash anywhere.



RE: "No-Cause for Alarm" [News, July 1], documenting the precarious situations Portland renters find themselves in, and a movement to create more rules around landlords' ability to eject tenants.

This is something that needs to be very carefully thought through, and could have some real unintended consequences. This would also lead to many more people going the Airbnb route with their properties, which can lead to much higher monthly income for many properties, and there is no shortage of tourists using Airbnb in Portland. It could also lead to landlords jacking up rental rates ahead of this going into effect for units that are currently on the market, and from the rental house standpoint, could lead to many landlords just saying "screw it" and selling their houses into what is a very frothy market. All the landlords I know are already complaining about taxes, needed repairs, increasingly low-quality tenants, rising property management costs, etc. Now, some of this is probably them overblowing it and they need to just suck it up, but it does go to support the point that increased regulation could cause many landlords to act in a way that many people would see as heartless.

posted by JTR

This is another example of the problems caused by the housing shortage. Normally landlords would face higher costs in trying to get a new tenant, and people who have to move wouldn't have such a bad time finding a new place. But if we leave housing scarce like gold instead of plentiful like water, the people who control the "gold" will have power. Second, let's imagine we come up with some regulatory approach that protects people who want to renew. That solution only protects people who stay put. People move for lots of reasons, not just because of problems with renewal. Why should people whose lives aren't changing be privileged over others? The housing shortage is the problem. Regulatory schemes are no substitute for a solution.

posted by BJ Cefola

I was a landlord in [San Francisco] and have several rentals now in [Portland]. In SF, I would only rent to those with high-paying jobs. My SF friends that were landlords would avoid families and only rent to groups of friends, since they would move in a few years. In PDX, half of my rentals are to service people and non-white-collar types. If talk of rent control got serious, I would immediately find a way to evict those people.

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RE: "Debate Club" [Music, July 1], a heated debate over Van Halen: yes or no?

The intro to "(Oh!) Pretty Woman" is called "Intruder," and yeah: Why the fuck isn't that its own song? Oh, and let's see... "Eruption" is still great as a document of a guitarist at his most unfuckwithable. Yes, it is masturbatory. That's kind of the point. Hagar's fucking atrocious, and I'm pretty sure Michael Anthony being dumped from the band later on was due to his still being loyal to an idiot like Sammy. Almost all of the songs are ruined by Dave's lyrics. My favorite moments are the very weird ones, like "Tora! Tora!/Loss of Control" and "Outta Love Again." But almost all of their stuff suffers whenever that idiot opens his mouth. But I still gotta give it to Dave for being the only Dave out there. There wasn't one, so he had to invent one. I'm glad the rest that followed were nowhere near as successful. He entertains me. And he sucks.

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THANKS, RICH, for summing up the duality of a band like Van Halen and a man like Diamond Dave. Let the argument rest. Instead, take the two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater for winning this week's Mercury letter of the week, and cool off.