RE: "One Day at a Time" [July 8], in which columnist Ann Romano recounts another anti-vaxxer gaffe, this time brought to the world by Jim Carrey.

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DEAR MERCURYIn regard to Ann Romano's comments concerning measles vaccines, I am reminded of just how much mainstream media shapes our public opinion. For about a year now, the media has been playing up the measles outbreak as if it were the bubonic plague, when in reality the spread of measles is at an all-time low and has been since the late 1960s, while at the same time the regimen for number of required injections has dramatically increased over the past few years. Death from measles is rare. When I was young, lots of kids caught the measles and [recovered] just fine. So why all the fear mongering and who's behind it? Could it possibly be the pharmaceutical industry that stands to gain billions of dollars by pandering to the public's fear?

M. Lewis


RE: "The Same Old Plan" [News, July 8], about renewed efforts to curb panhandling in downtown Portland, including the argument that giving money directly to people on the street isn't the most effective way to help.

What we need to do is put permanent signs with lockboxes for dropping in money around downtown. Signs that say, "Don't give to panhandlers, put money in here in order to help local agencies." Simply telling people to do it won't work.

posted by Blabby

If instead of paying for endless foreign wars we spent a few hundred billion dollars on ending homelessness at the federal level, like giving people free single-payer health care and guilt-free drug treatment, mental health care, and social services, our "homelessness" issues would evaporate. In many other first world countries, homelessness is looked on with sympathy rather than contempt like it is here, because social structures exist to get people off the street, off drugs, and get them to be productive members of society. Again, unlike here. Unless you count prison.

posted by Totalitariland


RE: "Time to Ship Out?" [News, July 8], regarding a growing call for change in leadership at the Port of Portland.

This makes sense. No port should be immune to public opinion. Recent elections at the Port of St. Helens and upcoming elections at the Port of Vancouver prove that people want a meaningful voice at their port.

posted by Jasmine

The recent Pembina proposal has shown that the Port of Portland is out of touch with the times regarding the irrefutable science around climate change and the need to have an open public process, especially when dirty, explosive products are being proposed for shipment through our city and out of the port.

posted by SW Neighbor


RE: "Tuesday's Gone" [Music, July 8], on the switch from Tuesdays to Fridays for new record releases.

This will be another cherished thing from my youth that will be lost to the mists of time. No one from the future will even understand. I'm getting a little choked up here, not kidding.

posted by Mick Orlosky

Damn. The only tolerable thing about Tuesdays and it has been ripped from my grubby little hands. Eff it. I'll still just check it all out on Tuesday instead.

posted by sallyjwright


RE: "Weed the People, for the People" [Cannabuzz, July 8], a recap of the historic Weed the People legalization celebration, which saw huge crowds and high temps.

I can't wait until my kids go to this event when they are grown and it is all nice and streamlined. Then I can say I remember the first cannabis legalization celebration... we had to stand in line for hours and people were passing out, and we walked seven miles through Portland to get there with no shoes, too. The older I get, the more I enjoy telling exaggerated stories of how difficult things were back in the day. This event definitely makes that list.

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posted by JAG

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