DEAR MERCURY—So, you guys left this discussion about Gardasil, the cervical cancer "vaccine," pretty much totally misrepresented, with me being roasted by some crazy (and uninformed) woman hoping my face rots off because I dared criticize big pharma by pointing out the cover-ups and blatant dangers of this money maker/soft kill weapon ["Vaccinated," Letters, June 25]. So, it's going mainstream: Is CBS News mainstream enough? One of the lead researchers (employed by Merck) just went public about the aggressive marketing, unreported dangers, and deaths associated with Gardasil. People, this hardly ever happens. One can only assume she could no longer sleep at night. Please, for all your readers who might (frightening thought) make medical decisions based on Mercury letters to the editor, be so kind as to update this discussion as Gardasil comes crashing down. It's only fair to revisit. You ran the original article showering praise on the insurance companies for allowing Gardasil shots [In Other News, June 11]. Young women could be harmed by your un-researched sound bytes. I know you don't want that.

-Helen Hill


It is heartbreaking that some people are so vacant of mind and spirit to destroy a garden ["Vandals in the Garden," Last Supper, Aug 20]. We can't look for rational answers because if it were rational, they would not have vandalized the garden. As a gardener myself who relies on my garden as food for the year I am sad when some vegetable or other doesn't make it. The purposeful destruction of such a positive place leaves me beyond sad.

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I, too, enjoy hearing how great this is some of the time, but not all of the time, just in the parts when, often, it's good, but not in the parts when, at times, it's bad ["WWII: The Remix," Film, Aug 20, reviewing Inglourious Basterds]. This is a wonderfully written film review that's a fantastic overview describing a movie. It's not at all redundant, or repetitive, or at all indicative of the IQ of someone who may enjoy a [Quentin Tarantino] film. Also, "overall, this is a hell of a picture, and parts of it are as great, if not better, than anything else Tarantino's done" may set a new standard for the term "backhanded compliment."

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Long-time Mercury read[er], first-time commenter. Just finally took the effort to sign up to let you know what a completely terrible review this is ["WWII: The Remix," Film, Aug 20]. The movie didn't look like the trailer, but trailers suck, so this movie was pretty [good] because some parts were like the trailer, but some other parts weren't like the trailer, so maybe it would be better if they were. But remember that trailers suck so maybe I shouldn't have written this review based on that but I did anyway. Well done.

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DEAR MERCURY: How could [Wm. Steven Humphrey] feature the hypnosis question ["Today's Burning Question Burning Up Questionland,", Aug 18]? Did he even read the whole question? It was rooted in a basic misunderstanding about psychiatry/psychology. Dude, go back and read the whole thing. I thought you, as a news rag, were inherently pro-literacy. But then you go and promote a question that grossly misspells "Freud." Wowzer.


"WOWZER," NESTCHICK, thanks for calling attention to the smash hit Questionland (, where readers can ask and answer questions on any topic they want, as well as rate questions and answers with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down." Thumbs up on Nestchick's two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where asking questions is the best way to learn.