RE: "Some of Portland's Lowest-Paid Workers Want a Raise" [News, Dec 2], regarding the effort to achieve better pay for people who work for Portland Parks and Recreation, which is overseen by Commissioner Amanda Fritz.

DEAR MERCURYAmanda Fritz is "embarrassed to be in charge of the bureau that has workers on food stamps and Obamacare"? Is this the same Fritz who begged us to approve a parks bond and then gave Parks Director Mike Abbaté a raise (to $177,029)? Turns out that Amanda Fritz is so full of shit(s) that Portland's toilets have turned green with envy.

Robert Culver


RE: "A Portland University Wants Federal Permission to Ban Transgender Students" [News, Dec 9], regarding action taken by Multnomah University, a nondenominational Christian school.

The reason for the rash of requests is the Obama administration made a vague change to how it will enforce Title IX. These schools aren't changing their beliefs or policies. They are protecting themselves from potential government intrusion on an issue where they have religious beliefs. This is what happens in a free country.

posted by On the other hand

I graduated from Multnomah. I was confused about my sexual orientation and wasn't out to myself, or anyone at the university. My primary identity is as a Christian man, as is my husband's. You have no right to cram your agenda down this great university's throat.

posted by Randal D Cevera


RE: "This Week Inside the Mercury: Presented by Kevin, the Portland Mercury Street Team Ghost!" [New Column!, Dec 9], a ghastly guide to last week's issue.

Let me guess: This is a concept for a New Column! that you came up with long ago, was soundly rejected at the time, and ever since has been used as a warning: "Someone better come up with a decent New Column! this week or we're running that dumbass ghost thing!" And now that it's flu season, everyone was too sick to write something worth publishing.

posted by albert


RE: "Portland Timbers Win 2015 MLS Cup" [Feature, Dec 9], a recap of Portland's first major men's sports championship since 1977.

Timbers are champs! That's a good thing for ALL, right? Being number one is great for bringing Portlanders together, but exactly which Portlanders are we talking about here? Had the Timbers been entirely financed privately, I would be celebrating right along. But in 2009, most of our city's leaders chose to use taxpayer funds, staffing, and other resources to renovate then-PGE Park at an initial cost of $31 million... on top of the $35 million spent in 2001 for seismic upgrades and baseball improvements. I get that professional sports teams routinely receive massive public subsidies. I just hoped Portland would prioritize humans over sports. That's money and effort that could have been spent on real suffering, not addressing the middle- to upper-class boredom of (mainly) white men.

posted by Wilbur1903

I also dislike public financing of sports facilities and any number of other things. I also agree that we should prioritize human needs over luxuries. However, please do not overlook the contributions that the Timbers and Timbers Army, through Stand Together, Somos Timbers, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust, and other outlets have made to the community in money, manpower, and other means. The Timbers are not the symbol of white middle-class privilege and gentrification you're looking for.

posted by ClayKavalier


RE: "Portland Mercury Sex Survey Results 2015!" [Feature, Dec 2], in which the vast majority of respondents were under the age of 45.

You neglect people in their 50s and 60s. This is a time when the kids are out of the nest, you still have health, many have achieved material comfort, and the ladies are still near their sexual peak. Did you see the clientele at Sesso when it was open? It wasn't all twentysomethings.

posted by Raven1957

OKAY, OKAY, we get it: Olds like to fuck, too. Jeez. Thanks for speaking up, and maybe next year you'll be sure to represent on the 2016 survey, eh? Meantime, Raven1957 earns two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, which is fit for entertaining the minds of all ages.