DEAR MERCURY—Holy shit, are you trying to make my head explode? I consider myself a pretty open-minded cracker, verging on bleeding-heart liberal territory when it comes to racial equality, but when I read things like bike lanes being "the white stripes of gentrification" and events like the Bridge Pedal made out to be some kind of exclusionary "white people ride," I think about committing a hate crime ["Bicycle Race," News, Nov 19]. Show me the data where neighborhoods with high concentrations of minorities are underserved by bicycle facilities and I might change my tune, but for now get with the fucking program already, you whiny minority bitches. We want you on the team.

 -Asa Dye


DEAR MERCURY—Your recent bashing of the Willamette Week comes off as petty jealousy, PM ["Leaving Randyland," Hall Monitor, Nov 19; "Willamette Week Publisher Report," New Column! Nov 19]. Just because WW is busy trying to do some investigative journalism in its "Randyland" pieces while you're busy doing... what? Putting nonsensical, unfunny fluff on the cover? (see "The Coming Apocalypse..." ["Welcome to the Apocalypse!" Feature, Nov 19]), doesn't mean you need to run not one but two articles in direct response to what they've recently had in their paper. It's ironic that [Matt] Davis would rag on how WW is running all the stuff "that didn't make the grade to be an actual story" while the Merc consistently does so in every paper (again, see "The Coming Apocalypse..."). So what if WW's revenues are down 16 percent? If the Merc's are up, it's only because it appears you guys will run anything that vaguely smacks of the juvenile and pretentious, and that seems to appeal to a city comprised to a large extent by pretentious, cynical kids.

-Joe Clinkenbeard


The real issue here, people, is "protocol" ["A Line in the Sand," News, Nov 26]. The cops followed it in an escalating situation. If you don't like the protocol, address it with the administration to change it. The union was involved because cops should not be suspended for following the rules. The cops don't have time to ask for ID to verify their age, or interview subjects to find out if they're mentally ill and off their meds before they respond to inappropriate behavior. Children and adults should learn to obey the laws, respect the police, and act responsibly. OH... and where are the parents of this "12-year-old" and why weren't they concerned their kid was out and hanging with hoodlums?

-posted by bigsislilsis on


DEAR EDITOR—Please refer to Ann Romano's statement [One Day at a Time, Nov 26]. It reads, "But if you are a true Palin supporter, then today you were among the thousands who gathered outside the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Barnes & Noble to see Palin in her all prissy glory for the kickoff of her book tour. And let us tell you, those Grand Rapids hillbillies ate up Palin's folksy charm like it was Obama's liver covered in ketchup." Given Ann's ooohs and aaahs so far about Obama, this statement is, I believe, totally out of context, tasteless, and disrespectful of the man holding the highest office in the nation and perhaps the world! Was Ann having nightmares the night before?


OH NOOR, how perfectly sweet of you to care! Our Ann is sleeping peacefully now, but then four martinis and one of Hubby Kip's famous foot massages will do that to a girl. You, meanwhile, get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where all foot massages must take place out back, as per health code regulations.