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DEAR MERCURY—Thank you for publishing a story that promotes greater understanding of some of the problems afflicting Oregon relating to mental illness ["The Criminalization of Mental Illness," Feature, Jan 14]. However, it should be noted that schizophrenia is not a mere Axis 1 (mood) disorder, as implied by Gayle Burrow [Multnomah County's corrections health director] in your story. According to the psychologists' bible of mental disorders (the "DSM-IV"), Paranoid Schizophrenia is solidly Axis 2, which includes other serious disorders such as Narcissistic, Borderline, and Sociopathic personality disorders.

 -Brian Barrett


DEAR ALISON [HALLETT]—I read your slight but rather vindictive review of House of Numbers, which seemed in no way to be a movie review at all ["House of Cards," Film, Jan 21]. I have reviewed films myself for a weekly paper. It is certainly an enjoyable bit of work, giving two hours to what a group of people spent years working on, being trusted with such power to transmit to a reading audience your impression of a piece of work, which you had no part in crafting or creating. As such, I took it seriously, especially when presented with a serious topic, such as a documentary like House of Numbers presents to its audience. First you state that there are "disagreements within the scientific community" about AIDS. In fact, the disagreements are vast and striking. Is that worth reflecting on? Who knows? You don't even pause. You complete your circle of confusion by stating that the editing was fast. Did you mean to say, "The movie went by quickly—and I wanted to know more than was provided about certain topics?" That is the other part of reviewing a documentary—you have to do further research. (I always brought a pad to the theater with me to take notes for later follow-up.) It's always a grand idea to keep reading, the critics and supporters alike. In the spirit of full disclosure, I must tell you that I am interviewed in House of Numbers, as I've also done far too much research into the question of HIV testing. Why don't you ask yourself to do the hard work that this very fine documentary clearly inspired you to do? Have a little faith in your ability to read, without being told what to believe, Alison.

-Liam Scheff


EZRA ACE CARAEFF—Regarding your review of How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin, I feel your pain [Film, Jan 21]. It must be very frustrating to belong to a generation that never has and never will produce a band as original, creative, talented, influential, and timeless as the Beatles.

-Dale A. Hill


DEAR MERCURY—I've completely given up on you.  Not only did soloist Chee-Yun tear up the Schnitzer with a 302-year-old violin at the Oregon Symphony this weekend, she was also featured in a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode last fall. All this without even a mention in your so-called music previews. If Horse Feathers was playing a show with a 302-year-old fiddle, it would have been on your fucking cover.

 -Brian Horay

GEE, BRIAN, we kinda miss you since you gave us up. Allow us the parting gift of letter of the week with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where the fine things in life can be duly appreciated.