ATTENTION MARJORIE SKINNER—Thank you for your perceptive review of the Sandra Bullock vehicle The Blind Side ["Nature and Nurture," Film, Nov 19, 2009]. "Congratulatory, rich-white-folk..." says it. But what does "MILF" stand for? Thank you.

 -Matt Sproul


What can we do to fix this mess ["'I Just Want to Go Home,'" News, Feb 11]? Fire everyone and start over? I don't get it. I have worked with the disability community for about 10 years and it just makes me sick to see how incompetent our police force is. If I can restrain an adult man without harming him, then why can't they?

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Is this writer a fan of the Blazers [Blaze of Our Lives, by Ezra Ace Caraeff, Feb 11]? Highly doubt it... even sportswriters that are not writing for Portland papers (ESPN,, and many others) are commending not only the Blazers but Nate [McMillan] for their heart and strength through probably the toughest stretch this team has seen in injuries since the year after the championship... at least come out and state you are not a Blazers fan before you decide to write a column in a Portland paper about our team.

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As a bike commuter, I really don't see the need for so much spent on bike plans ["Gearing Up," News, Feb 11]. $600 million? Really? I don't want to seem ungrateful, but WTF?

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I for one am deeply inspired ["Pic-Nookie," Last Supper, Feb 11]. Just thinking about which downtown hidden architectural gems might have picnic-worthy atriums... And further thinking that we'll need to dial that bottle of zin up to a bottle of rye, then of course one should never leave one's cheese up to chance, so a preparatory tasting session at the cheesemonger is probably in order and... OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? Now I'm making VALENTINE'S DAY PLANS?!?! (Thanks.)

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Hey, as a kid who grew up this way—I am looking forward to reading this book ["Meet the J-Dubs," book review of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk, Feb 11]. Two-thirds of us who grew up [Jehovah's Witness] end up leaving the "truth" in our young adulthood or adolescence, only to be alienated from our family, friends, and the world we were part of (that ironically alienated us from the world). The teenage kid who is knocking at your door at 10 am probably is aware at some level he is being a jerk, but is only doing what he is told good kids do... so please be nice to him if possible. Just don't take his magazines, or else he will be obligated to come back.

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THANKS FOR THE TIP, mandrewman. In exchange we'd like to offer you the letter of the week, with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where the fish don't have to come with loaves.