DEAREST MERCURY—Sometimes you are like a monkey playing with its own feces. But what the fuck is up with your most recent "feature" on the homeless man who was killed while attacking a police officer ["The Life and Death of Jack Dale Collins," Feature, April 1]? I mean, Sarah Mirk's sophomoric attempt to glamorize, even romanticize, this man's life is downright offensive. And to insinuate that [Officer] Jason Walters was not justified in using lethal force, in what seems to be an attempt by Ms. Mirk to rile the public is just pathetic. Any competent police officer in Jason Walters' shoes at the time would have done exactly the same thing—or else would quite probably now be dead.  

-Christopher Lovett


I was visiting my girlfriend in Portland, and we went to the arboretum that day ["The Life and Death of Jack Dale Collins," Feature, April 1]. We left about an hour before the shooting. We did not encounter Jack Dale Collins, but there was a weird vibe there that day, which I hadn't experienced before. The day before, we were walking past St. Francis Church when a homeless man began shouting obscenities. A day or so prior, a deranged woman approached us as we were walking down the downtown street in her direction and insisted we stop following her. Your article contextualizes a lot of that, in my mind.

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For those of us concerned about a picture of the knife and what kind it was, allow me to point out a few facts to you ["The Life and Death of Jack Dale Collins," Feature, April 1]. An X-Acto or box knife can be a very dangerous and lethal slashing weapon. In a better world there would be better less-than-lethal options, and this man wouldn't be dead. Naturally all of you would have handled it differently, and talked him down or disarmed him or Jedi mind tricked him, right?

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While [Owl City] may not be the most original music in the world, it's still good music ["Give Up," Music, April 1]. I didn't even read the whole review, I read the whiny line at the beginning of each paragraph, scanned through the rest of the whhhhhaaaaaa!, and I still didn't see anything in here of any worth other than you being upset that one very successful artist sounds like another successful artist. Music snobs have no place reviewing music, because they don't understand music. Believe it or not, just because something isn't "your thing" doesn't mean it's bad music. And if you're just upset that it's like another artist, then you should probably quit your job (is this a job?), because almost EVERYTHING is a rip off of something else anymore, even if someone isn't trying. You can go back to tunelessly strumming your guitar, while reciting the emo poetry in your Moleskine journal down on Hawthorne.

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Maybe the majority of reviews are disapproving because most movies are worthy of disapproval [The Gods Must be Lazy," Film, April 1]? You want more enthusiastic reviews: Get better movies made. How to do that: Well, the first step to that is to stop giving your money and attention—hence your endorsement—to garbage.

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WHO DOESN'T WANT better movies? At last, we agree! PeretDesnos can enjoy a good movie or two with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where they also disapprove of bad movies.