DEAREST MERCURY—I'm sorry, but it's my solemn duty to inform you that you are not allowed to jump on the "Soccer Is Cool" bandwagon ["'Who Cares About Soccer?'" Feature, July 8]. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is the Mercury not the same paper that paid little attention to the Timbers during their meteoric rise through the United Soccer Leagues from 2001 to the present day? Are you not the same publication [that] strived to crucify Merritt Paulson for busting his ass to bring Major League Soccer to Portland? Now you're trying to pull an about-face and embrace soccer because your legions of hipster fuckwads have decided that soccer is cool. Soccer is going to succeed and flourish in this city, and you are going to have nothing to do with it, Mercury. Oh, and Portland Mercury? I'm confident in saying that you have a long way to go before you earn the trust of the loyal and growing soccer community of Portland, Oregon.

-General Zod


It seems to me that the couplet may be a good idea, but what I think is missing in this article is mention of the fact that a streetcar included in the couplet would effectively create a "transit square" around Powell's ["Battle over Burnside," News, July 8]. Not even Pioneer Courthouse Square has this, with all sides surrounded by public transit, much less rail lines. Thus, I think it would be fair to say that [Michael] Powell has an additional vested interest in seeing this project happen.

-posted by Daniel Ronan on


DEAR MERCURY—I am writing to commend the lovely lady who wrote last week's I, Anonymous ["New Young Sting," July 8]. As a young female, I am ridiculously sick of certain types of men who invasively approach me. Yes, it is nice to know that someone thinks you look good, but it is frustrating and annoying to have to deal with certain guys who think any girl in a sundress is trying to gain their attention. It's nice to enjoy the view, but it's another thing entirely to wolf whistle at a girl on the streets and yell "Nice tits!" out the window of your truck.

-Molly Miller


Men, y'all need to relax and chill out ["New Young Sting," I, Anonymous, July 8]. If I were a woman, I'd be pretty freaked out by some of the almost violent comments on this thread. On the other hand, some of the women are positively ageist and sexist in their comments. No one is guaranteed amorous attention from anyone. No wonder so many people in Portland are frustrated, if this thread is any indication. Between sleazy guys making oily comments and needlessly cruel gals berating lonely old men, it's a wonder anybody has a peaceful cup of joe in this town. It's not that hard being polite and friendly and respectful, really. Just try it once. A lot of guys, including decent ones, can lose their confidence if they keep striking out so cut 'em some slack, even if you find them a bit awkward and off-putting. And a lot of women have been victimized by violent men, so it pays to not act like another one of them and be aware that many women are scared of men coming on too strongly. Okay, back to flirting.

-posted by Mr. Freedom

YES, LET'S GET BACK to flirting in the sun, please, Mr. Freedom. You win the letter of the week, and get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where healthy flirting habits flourish.